Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Falke WIP 2

Baby Falke WIP 2

Spent an hour scratch building the 'mouth/intake' of the falke using the actual falke intake as a reference. The base is the Eggplane's nose piece, I use a kotobukiya round part for the center, cut up tiny pieces of plaplate (white) and pasted them to it, and superglued a brass 'thruster' I bought from m-workshop long time ago...

The white pieces are not very aligned even though I tried hard trying to do so...

On the suggestion of another forum member, I tried using an old ping pong ball to try out as the antigrav unit. Looks nice. I've yet to decide which option to take.

And here's my sketch plan of the Baby Falke...Must plan in advance a bit otherwise plan to fail...

Yawn... That's all for tonight! Suggestions, criticisms encouraged!

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