Saturday, May 9, 2009


He probably needs no introduction to many modelers both local and international. He is a very fast modeler and also the administrator of the PLAMO forum. In the world of Ma.K, he is also currently the one with the most finished Ma.K models I know. There is a small section in PLAMO dedicated to Ma.K too here, so guys check it out!

Here are his finished Ma.K stuff:
SAFS Firestarter
Marine Gustav

Lunar Pawn Metal Chief
Heinrich 'Going Home'
Fantastic builder, his works speak for themselves.
He is currently building the Falke too!! :)
I met up with him a couple of times to deal with kits, as well as on model meets organised by him. Nice guy with less words than me (I talk a lot). I am glad to know him as a friend. Generous man too! He is very willing to share his knowledge with me every time we meet.
Thanks man max, glad to know you...


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