Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ma.K Chronicle and Encyclopedia Vol.2

Ma.K Chronicle and Encyclopedia Vol.2
Second volume of the Ma.K Chronicle and Encyclopedia, containing more story in Ma.K as well as newer suits and mecha not found in Vol.1. Its 111 pages and the paper used is satin heavy stock (cover also) as opposed to glossy stock used in Vol.1. I prefer satin paper as it does not attract finger prints as easily as glossy paper. The contents I really like as it has most of the heavy suits the the SAFS MkIII, Gans, Konigs-Krote and Kelberos (hey new spelling of the mecha here!). Also contains Sensei Kow's model laboratory detailing what he used for come of his builds. Too bad I don't read Japanese, as there is a ton of information here. I can only guess, based on pictures and some of the similar Chinese characters in the Japanese text.

The contents are:
MaK Story 2885 - 2887 (text and pictorial)

Suit and Mecha information (background text, specs, model pictures, diorama pictures)
Mercenary Troops' Arms
Snake-eye (seapig included)
Luna Pawn (Zerstover included)
Luna Diver

RAPTOR SAFS MkIII (A8/R8 included)


Strahl Demokratische Republik
PKAW (M) Lunar use PKA


Oskar (R6 variant included)

Earth Independence Conflict Timeline 2885-2887

Ma.K Archives
Force charts

Kow's sketches

Kow's model Laboratory
featuring (Scout flier, lunar pawn, Archelon, Ferkel and some other suits)

Kow's Story Board (sketches of the diorama before its build/photographed)
Index of builds featured in the book (build by who, painted by who, is a scratch build or a kit)

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