Saturday, May 31, 2008

3rd Shipment is IN!

Just came back from my church camp and received another shipment from SMJ...
Ashley quickly proceeded to open up the package for me...
Throws out all the newspaper...

See how fast she works!
A cute pose, pretty?
The kits!!!

Oskar x 1(thinking to keep or not for myself), Gans x 2, Fledermaus x 1, Raptor x 2,
Fireball SG x 1, Kauz x 1, Konrad x 1, Raccoon x 2, Luna Pawn x 2, Polar Bear x 1,
Fliege x 1, Tamiya Tire Changing crew 1/20 x 1, Honda Humaniod Robot P3 1/12 x 1 (wave)
Most are already spoken for, the 'unsold' ones will be out on sale soon.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fledermaus Completed: Tiger Motte Final Inspections

Competition's over:

Didn't win anything, but well I enjoyed the build! :)

Tiger Motte Final Inspections
Here are larger images of the finished build.


Wings deployed
Wings folded

Closeup on missiles

Rear end details

Friday, May 23, 2008

2nd shipment of Ma.K IN!

My 2nd shipment of Ma.K is IN!
Super big box, fortunately my wife brought along the shopping trolley...
Ashley my toddler helps me unpack the goods...
Throws out the paper...Why the guilty look? You are helping me! lol...She double-checks the goods...
She's hardworking, so proceeds of the Ma.K sale goes to her...

The contents

As Ashley likes to say: "MINE" :lol:

Konrad x 1, Fledermaus x4, Hornise x 1, Raccoon x 2, PKA x 1,
Gustav x 3, SAFS x 1, Fireball x 1, Fireball SG x 1, Prowler x 1, Krote x 2,
Jerry x 2, Gans x 1, Raptor x 1, Ma.K BD Book x 1

Most are already spoken for, the 'unsold' ones will be out on sale soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fledermaus Update 10

Took out the masking tape, sprayed 2 layers of clear gloss, and begin enamel panel-lining with Tamyia enamel black...

After that used the enamel thinner and cotton buds to clean up...
The result:
Side showing the ammo drum and ammo

< back

Fledermaus Update 9

Voting's done for the competition and I guess its safe to come out now...:)
After priming, I took out all the stuff to begin airbrushing in my balcony...Its messy I know :)

And found that part of the air hose broke due to old age. Talk about Murphy's law in modeling! I cut off part of the air hose and jammed the working part into the compressor...

I sprayed black on the engines and thruster bells and then sprayed tamiya burnt iron. Now they look a bit dark silverish.

First, I preshaded the Fled with black (lost that picture), and sprayed the cockpit interior with Tamiya medium blue.
Then I asked KGM2 for suggestions on the color palette based on the scheme i've chosen. Dainaka gave me the links, thanks Dai!!
He was quick and kind enough to point me to xf-52 flat earth and xf-59 desert yellow/sand colour, as well as xf-57 deck tan.
The next day I went out, bought the paints and begin with deck tan on the Fled. I glued the engines, thrusters and masked them first.
The Fledermaus after preshading with black and colored with deck tan
The wings
Glued the black/silver engines, masked them and attached the wings
As you can see the preshading still shows through the deck tan, which is good.
After that, I reviewed the base color, and found that deck tan was a bit too light.
So I sprayed desert yellow on the Fledermaus to be the base color.
Masked it using lots of masking tape (this was the hard part, took me 2 hours)
Sprayed the second color, flat earth.
Masked and sprayed with flat earth

Monday, May 19, 2008


What I managed to do today: take out all the blu tack and masking tape holding the kit together and gluing the parts with Tamiya cement. Next up, puttying and sanding...


Sorry for the lack of updates, I was tied up with the Fledermaus.
With that out of the way, I started on the SAFS.

Here's what I plan to do:
A simple diorama of a kneeling SAFS and Eddy Amsel, the kid from the Neuspotter box. Eddy is sharing his BBQ with his brother/friend in an SAFS.

Hey, this BBQ belongs to us! (Got the grill from a $2 toy set from Daiso)
Currently using a Fireball pilot's head which I dislike, still trying to find a suitable head to use.

Another angle.

This pose is inspired by Bryan Krueger's SAFS Reynard MkIII.
I decided to forgo most of the joints provided by the kit and use epoxy putty, as they do not allow such pose. This is quite challenging as the pose forced the groin joint out of the 'normal' position, though not obvious in the photo.

Eddy will not be using the standard stick/but replaced with a stick of bbq food...

Found a piece of chipboard I could use as a base

Comments/suggestions welcomed!

Nadef Competition 8 homepage is up!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was busy trying to 'finish' my Fledermaus again as the Nadef Competition's deadline got extended a couple of days. What I did was: find the decals and photo-etched screen wiper given to me by Dainaka and add them into the build, another layer of panel-lining, fix some mistakes here and there, retake the photos with better lighting and tripod, and finally resubmit to Fukky!

Now the homepage is up!

See it here:

My entry:

Some entries I liked:
by my friend Steve from New Zealand, very innovative and impressive modifications!

by Catchaser, love the cannons and the air to ground missile, very WWII.
by Jason Eaton, wow is the word for it, now where is that Hummel conversion in YAJ?!
A Moby Dick scratch-build. Very nicely build, clean and simple.
A very creative transformer!!! How did he manage to cut the kit into so many parts?
Another Moby Dick scratch-build. My favourite plane build in this contest.
Some ship, very massive.

My personal favourite:
Birdcage. I dunno if this is a complete scratch build or another kit I've never seen before, but I absolutely love it!

I am greatly humbled by the entries' creativity and quality.... I am just glad I was in time to participate...If I win anything, it will be a bonus!

Grading by participant : until 25th May (Sun)
Result announcement : 26th May (Mon)

Watch to it! I'm so excited!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fledermaus on the Nadef site!

I emailed Fukky the pics of my Fledermaus - Tiger Motte (Final Inspections) on the day of the deadline. Now its up on the Nadef site!

Guess which one is my Fled?

Sooo excited now!


Decided to break out my SAFS today after 'finishing' my Fledermaus...
Seems like once I do a Ma.K, I immediately want to do another one..
Inspired by Maschinen Krueger's (BK) SAFS Reynard MkIII, I checked with him whether I can imitate his SAFS in the kneeling pose and he gave me his blessings.

And also Dainaka's Snakeeye Bis inspired me with his very nice camo, smoke discharges, and snake eye hatch...

Sorry no pics right now...

Plan to do this for the mechamodelcomp
which closes in about 7 days.

Dunno why I love such crazy deadlines. Maybe it reminds me of my days at NAFA and NUS (at the same time)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fledermaus Finished!

Just finished the Fledermaus this morning at 4:30am. Polly, my wife, came out and nearly scolded me for not going to bed. Slept, woke up and took photos this morning 7:30am when the sun came out and emailed them to the organisers...

No time to do the base...

Strange, I'm not tired/sleepy at all... :)
Will post more WIP and in the finished line when competition's over..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fledermaus Update again

I know I know, I've said no more WIP, but I just can't help myself, help myself..... ;D
Airbrushed base coat on the Fled and going to mask the camo.
Started painting the figures using instructions from the Multiple Model Magazine's issue on Ma.K (one day I'll scan them and share..)
Sprayed tamiya brown on the figures

After that is the crazy/fun part of applying tamiya flesh and mixing brown to get the final result...This took a few layers of handpainting... its not fantastic at close range, but from a distance I think can do lah.


My first attempt at figures painting, almost gave up halfway cos it looked horrific on the first layer of paint.

On a side note, I found the 2 missing Krote mechanic's hands after sweeping the common corridor where I primed my models. Fortunately the cleaner never come to clean yesterday as I've lost them while priming!
I modded the mechanic's hand to hold a torch light instead of a cigarette, in case my pastor decides to visit ;D.
Its a cut-down SD Gundam beam saber...

Also found the missing piece of Fled (2nd and 3rd pic) used to attach the wires at the rear of the Fled.
2 more days left. Think I will cut down on sleep.:lol:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fledermaus Update 8

May day holiday and I stayed home trying to finish up the Fled before Ashley comes back home from my mother-in-laws. She's sick, together with my wife and mother-in-law, so everyone is not having a fun time and mood around.
I looked at the missiles I made earlier, and being an anti-tank missile freak, I don't really like them.
Lets be honest here. They don't look right in the Ma.K world.
I took a krachenvogel missile and to my surprise, they fit in the launchers!

Krachenvogel missile and the missile I made earlier

So, while watching TV, I decided to make simpler copies of the Krachenvogel missiles with plastic tubes and sprues. I am not going to use the Krach missiles simply because the kit cost too much to use for kitbashing. Its alot of filing to get the sprues straight at the ends...

New missiles

See how they fit in the launchers...

I've also sanded the rest of the Fled and primed them.
Finally I can start airbrushing...
Deadline? What deadline?! :lol:

Fledermaus Update 7

Hi all, sorry for the lack of updates, got distracted by all the boxes of Ma.K... ;D
I've sanded and primed the main Fled...

I must say the thruster bells are no fun to sand.

Now left some touchup here and there and the figures, more updates coming up!
less than 8 days to the dateline, or issit deadline..:lol: