Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Decided to break out my SAFS today after 'finishing' my Fledermaus...
Seems like once I do a Ma.K, I immediately want to do another one..
Inspired by Maschinen Krueger's (BK) SAFS Reynard MkIII, I checked with him whether I can imitate his SAFS in the kneeling pose and he gave me his blessings.

And also Dainaka's Snakeeye Bis inspired me with his very nice camo, smoke discharges, and snake eye hatch...

Sorry no pics right now...

Plan to do this for the mechamodelcomp
which closes in about 7 days.

Dunno why I love such crazy deadlines. Maybe it reminds me of my days at NAFA and NUS (at the same time)

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