Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Ma.K - Oskar WIP 3a

Thanks guys for the support so far!
was trying to cut the tube, which is a part of a broken furniture, with the modeling saw. Cut until my fingers hurt.

So frustrated, I went to the local DIY shop and bought a large saw...
Cut the damn thing in under a minute..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Ma.K - Oskar WIP 3

Small update,yesterday I firmed up the shape with the second type of epoxy putty which I love to use as it cures much slower.
Today, after it cured fully, I went over with my files to define the shape, and then smoothed over the head with lots of Mr Hobby white putty (I can't seem to find my favourite Tamiya grey putty).
First time using Mr Hobby, its more yellowish than white...

Realized the cylinder in grey is too long, tried to cut it, but its kinda hard. I will try to cut it again tomorrow... Time for bed! yawn

Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Ma.K - Oskar WIP 2

This time I am doing a bit more planning than before, I first cut one of the quail eggs in half,
then trace out its shape on a piece of paper. Using the Neuspotter head as a reference, I drew the shape of the SD head.

Next, using bits from my spares bin and the very fast drying epoxy, I started slapping the shape together.

As for the bodies, the shell is very flimsy, so I filled them with paper clay...

Its now 12:30am, and I think its gonna be a long long time (to Elton John's Rocket Man tune) before I sleep today.
lol. Seriously, I truly enjoy the building part of modeling, and all the stress from work and life just disappears...
Am I going to be able to finish it on time?
That's a good question... ;D

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Ma.K - Oskar WIP 1

Hey guys, its actually the Oskar. It has a Neuspotter head with a hovercraft body.
Its not as well known because there is currently no styrene kit available.

Just doing a mock-up using blu-tack tonight and finding bits for my spares box...The original rocket launcher seems to be scratch-build from a pen cap. Here I used the cap of the hobby knife which has a similar shape.
The Oskar variant on the back is what I want to make...

Baby Ma.K

I started this way back in June, but stopped all work on it until today. Took my kid's Kinder Joy candy containers for the body, and sourced for 'quail eggs' from the local art supplies shop (Artfriend in Singapore)

I was pretty ambitious then, thinking of doing a master, then casting multiples.
Now left about 1 week before the deadline of the PLAMO's SD build and 2 weeks before the M-workshop's Eggtastic groupbuild.

Can anyone guess what is it?


Hi all, Haven't got time for the internet due to massive changes in my work and family life.
Miss you guys in the Ma.K forum and PLAMO!
Note: This is not a narcissistic post!

Just realized I haven't logged in here for ages, and also never update my blog for even longer...

I apologize for all the PMs I've yet to reply, I will get to them asap.

Family side: my in laws decided to move OUT of my house back to their home.
Well usually this would be GOOD news for some of you lol.
But for me, now everyday I have to bring my kid to my in laws before work, and then bring her back after work, via public transport.
This adds 2-hours daily and I simply have no energy left for models/internet.
Its my hope that they will move back with us soon, frankly I love to live with my in laws, not just because they help to take care of our kid, but its really more like a family where we have grandparents, parents and children living together. Oh, and I get to eat home-cooked food by my mother-in-law too! :)

Work side: huge changes which I can't really talk about, but just extremely stressful and busy.
Worst I can't access PLAMO from office...I can only access the Ma.K forum. Hopefully they wouldn't filter that off as well.

The dust has not settled yet, but I am determined to get back to Ma.K modeling!