Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mass Bidding Service at Yahoo Auctions Japan

See all the shipments of Ma.K models and want to get a box yourself? I
offer a Mass Bidding service at Yahoo Auctions Japan to help you get the Ma.K kit you want, at reasonable prices:

General Requests
1. Email me what Ma.K kit you want and the maximum you are willing to pay for the kit. Please be specific! : )
2. I go for bargains at YAJ, and once the 30 days of storage at SMJ is up or the size of the package is big enough, I will ship back and kits prices averaged out so that everyone will get the same price for that kit for that shipment
(eg. Gustavs will be $XX for this shipment). So be patient and be prepared to wait for your kit.
3. Prices are final/non negotiable.
3. When the items are in and I am ready to ship, I will email you with the shipping amount.
4. (overseas members) I use registered mail and is insured, to ship to you and I will give you the shipping amount to our country before I ship. Use paypal to transfer the amount for the kit + shipping. (SG members meet up at MRT stations after working hours only and can use Cash on delivery exact amount pls)
5. (overseas members) Once I receive the paypal, I will then ship the item to you and give you a tracking number.
6. (overseas members) Shipping is at your own risk, not mine.
7. For kits that are not sealed, cellophane will be removed from all kits and the contents checked before shipment. If you want to leave the cellophane intact, then contents insidare are at your own risk.

Private Auction Requests
1. Email me what you want and the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the kit.
2. If you have a particular auction you want me to watch/bid, you can do so.
3. I have no liability if I lose the auction, I do have a life and dun sit in front of the computer all day.
4. All private auction requests require a 30% deposit to paypal upfront.
5. As soon as I win a kit, i will email you and I expect full payment. Failure to pay within 3 days means the kit goes to the next person on the list or is then up for general sale (offered to the forum).
Even if the request is for everything on the list to be secured before shipment is made.

Finally, I reserve the right to choose whether or not to deal with you.
Once you dishonor any transaction, you will be blacklisted and I will not deal with you anymore.
I take it that 99% of you guys here understand what I am trying to do. This is to protect me from the 1%.

1. A "non-compete" exclusion for the forum members whom are based in Japan. Simply put, if you live in Japan and are looking at an auction at YAJ that you don't want me to touch, just send me a mail.
2. This service is for fellow modellers ONLY, not for scalpers who buy, then mark up the price to sell elsewhere. If I suspect/find out, straight to the blacklist and I reserve the right to expose you everywhere!

SMJ's rates and sample transaction
To prevent any misunderstandings plus to add transparency, I've added this section.
SMJ's rates: http://shoppingmalljapan.com/generalfees.html

Sample transaction
Winning bid = 5000yen
+ internal shipping 610yen = 5610yen
convert to USD (see rates on SMJ) = $57
+ commission to SMJ $12 = $59
+ wire fee $2.50 = $61.50
Therefore the item will be $61.50 USD
Finally we add the shipping back to Singapore and we get the total cost of the item.
So an item 5000yen does NOT mean $USD50!
Hope this helps!

Why use my services?
1.Save on shipping items together. From experience, shipping from Japan to me per item is around $3 for small Nitto boxes and up to $10 for large Fledermaus. As well as sometimes I get multiple kits in one auction, so we save on internal shipping as well as SMJ commissions.
2.I track prices and shop only for good prices so you don't end up with crazy prices' kits.
3.Same time zone as Japan (relatively) so that I can snipe auctions. It will be tough to stay up for you on the other side of the globe.
4.I average out the prices so no one pays extra...
5.Shipping from me is cheap (just try shipping EMS from Japan to you using SMJ services once and you will see!)
6.I am handsome... (this is OT lol)

I've already sold hundreds of kits since April 2008 and so far everyone whom I've dealt with is happy...
Lastly, my email address is cyberwill75@yahoo.com

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