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Ma.K Modeling book

Ma.K Modeling book

The Ma.K Modeling Book is my very first Ma.K book, ironically, it is the 'latest' book in the series, having published after all the other Ma.K books.
I got this book when I participated in M.con 2007 mecha - non Gundam category at M.workship, which is a local hobby shop here in Singapore with my Fireball.
The only other Ma.K kits which participated were done by maxwinamp, my friend and administrator of PLAMO. The shop owner is a Ma.K fan as well and immediately introduced me this book, showing me the creativity of Sensei Kow Yokohama, saying that anything can be made into Ma.K. I was quickly fascinated by this book, especially the article in which how he made a robosweep into a Sirene.
I bought the book, even though it was quite expensive for me at that time (I haven't saw how much more expensive Ma.K kits are in the market, my spending threshold has since exploded).
This book remains the most valuable book to me, and I go thru it every once in a while.
After reading this book, I was immediately drawn to the Grosserhund, not knowing its a resin kit... Oh well, if only I can get my hands on it. ^^

Back to the review, its a softcover book, as opposed to all the hardcovers the Ma.K BD and encyclopedias. Its in Japanese, and features how Sensei Kow Yokohama builds his robots.
It features also other kits which he builds like Robot Battle, Star Wars. A very creative and detailed book, and a must have for all Ma.K modelers. Shows the painting techniques and color mixing unique to Sensei Kow. This book is different from the Encyclopedias in that it does not just show the finished model, but also how Sensei Kow makes and paints them.
112 pages.

PKA M Melusine
PKA N1 Nixe
Sturn Kafer
1/35 Mk44

Panzer Spwagen Za603 Sirene
1/20 Konigs Krote, 1/35 Konigs Krote, 1/35 Kuster, 1/35 Krote, 1/35 Gans
1/20 Gans
1/20 PKA G4 Gucker, K4 Ketzer

Tools used by Sensei Kow
Tools used by Sensei Kow
Desktop Cleaner converted by Sensei Kow

Mark Stevens 1/20 Hexen
Dragonar Kai
1/26 SAFS MkIII Rapoon
1/20 SAFS MkIII A8/R8
1/20 SAFS Mk III A8/R8
1/20 AFS Polar Bear (Wave kit)
1/20 AFS Luna Pawn (Wave kit)
1/6 SAFS

Kow Yokohama Style Color Tuning
UDK 38 Schenkel
1/35 Luna Diver
Salvage Frigate
Tips on how to apply decals and use markers
1/20 Fireball SG
1/20 Snake-eye
Mak human figures

Ma.K Chronicle and Encyclopedia Vol.2

Ma.K Chronicle and Encyclopedia Vol.2
Second volume of the Ma.K Chronicle and Encyclopedia, containing more story in Ma.K as well as newer suits and mecha not found in Vol.1. Its 111 pages and the paper used is satin heavy stock (cover also) as opposed to glossy stock used in Vol.1. I prefer satin paper as it does not attract finger prints as easily as glossy paper. The contents I really like as it has most of the heavy suits the the SAFS MkIII, Gans, Konigs-Krote and Kelberos (hey new spelling of the mecha here!). Also contains Sensei Kow's model laboratory detailing what he used for come of his builds. Too bad I don't read Japanese, as there is a ton of information here. I can only guess, based on pictures and some of the similar Chinese characters in the Japanese text.

The contents are:
MaK Story 2885 - 2887 (text and pictorial)

Suit and Mecha information (background text, specs, model pictures, diorama pictures)
Mercenary Troops' Arms
Snake-eye (seapig included)
Luna Pawn (Zerstover included)
Luna Diver

RAPTOR SAFS MkIII (A8/R8 included)


Strahl Demokratische Republik
PKAW (M) Lunar use PKA


Oskar (R6 variant included)

Earth Independence Conflict Timeline 2885-2887

Ma.K Archives
Force charts

Kow's sketches

Kow's model Laboratory
featuring (Scout flier, lunar pawn, Archelon, Ferkel and some other suits)

Kow's Story Board (sketches of the diorama before its build/photographed)
Index of builds featured in the book (build by who, painted by who, is a scratch build or a kit)

Ma.K Chronicle and Encyclopedia Vol. 1

Ma.K Chronicle and Encyclopedia Vol.1
Here's another fantastic book, the Ma.K Chronicle and Encyclopedia Vol. 1. This contains background story, detailed suit/vehicular pictures and specifications, force charts, history of Ma.K and all the additional information a Ma.K fanatic could ever want. A must have!!!
Its kinda like the SF3D magazine, but updated with newer and nicer pictures. 110 pages. Text is in Japanese, specs in English.

Here are the contents:
Contents page and Ma.K story 2882-2885 (pictorial and text)

Ma.K story (note the 2-handed Polar Bear on the lower left page)

Ma.K Story (Schenkel on the right)

AFS and all its variants
Polar Bear
SAFS Prototype
SAFS Seriese
Achilles . a

Fireball SG and its variants
SG Prowler
New Fireball

Ace story of Maschinen Krieger
PKA & Hornisse



Force charts

Important people in Ma.K story
Ma.K Archive
The attraction of Ma.K
History of Ma.K (SF3D to Ma.K)

Ma.K in Wonderfest (featuring many different releases and their prices!)

Explanation of Ma.K Kitbash detailing Nutrocker, Schenkel and Falke (Lists many of the parts, so if you want to build them yourself, buy this book!)

Other Sensei Kow's works

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ma.K B.D Book Review

Ma.K B.D - Maschinen Krieger In Action
both editions (2nd edition on top of 1st)

Hi all, here's my review of the Ma.K B.D. There are 2 editions, and I've gotten myself both. Its a book of very short stories told by painted illustrations. In this review, I hope to provide the differences so that you guys can have a better idea which one to buy. The 1st edition does not have as many chapters as the 2ns edition, but it has some japanese text section at the end. Also, the stories are separated by color plates of the suits used. The 1st edition's color plates have the story information (similar to those found on model kit boxes) but the text is in German, while the 2nd edition's color plates only have the suit's performance information. Also, the 2nd edition have 'newer' stuff such as the Oskar. Another difference is that the 1st edition's 'Acts' have a tiny bit of english to describe the story (underneath the Act's title) the while the 2nd edition forgoes that. The layout of the pictures are also different in both books.

Below is a listing of the contents and their differences.
I personally prefer the 2nd edition due to it having slightly more stuff, but the bit of English in the first edition really helps me to understand the stories more.
Ma.K fanatics don't think, so much get them both!
Hope this helps guys! More book reviews coming up shortly!

Ma.K BD 1st Edition (96 pages) vs Ma.K BD 2nd Edition(108 pages)
Contents (color plate Land Gans 2nd Edition)
Foreword (color pate Lunar Gans 2nd Edition)
color plate Snake-eye
color plate Gucker (1st Edition)
Color Plate of Snake-eye (1st edition in front)
Chapter 1
Act. 1 Sleepless Stranger (Eddy Amsel, Dora, Snake-eye Falke, Banana boat)
Act. 2 Chicken Trap (Falke, Dora, Krote, Kangaroo, Eddy Amsel)
color plate Hornisse (1st Edition)
Chapter 2
color plate Dora (2nd Edition)
Act. 3 Nut Rocker (Conrad Amsel iin AFS Mk I, Neuspotter, Nutrocker)
Act. 4 le roi est mart, Vive le roi! (Raccoon, Kangaroo, Dollhouse)
color plate Fireball SG (both Editions)
Chapter 3
Act. 5 Eve of Falling Stars (Banana boat, Fireball SG, Nuteater)
Act. 6 Die Walkure (SAFS, Walrus, F-boot, unknown Strahl boat with Neuspotter head, Gladiator)
Act. 7 The prmoised Land (SAFS, Walrus, Neuspotter, Neuspinne, Gladiator, Nutrocker)
Act. 8 In the Jungle 1 (plane, unknown Strahl boat, Melusine, SAFS, Shechel)
Act. 9 In the Jungle 2 (plane, unknown Strahl boat, Melusine, SAFS, Shechel, Heinrich)
color plate Melusine (1st Edition)
color plate Raptor (2nd Edition)
Chapter 4
Act. 10 Time to Burn ((Nutrocker, Kangaroo, Gucker, Sturm Jager, Raptor, SAFS MkIII A8/R8, some unknown vehicle)
Act. 11 A Blessing of the Land (add in Krote, Super Jerry to the mix)
color plate Raptor (1st Edition)
color plate Oskar(2nd Edition)
Chapter 5
Act. 12 Winte Mute (Polar Bear, SAFS prototype, Gucker, Jerry variant, Goblin)
Act. 13 Snow Monster (SAFS, Gladiator, Krote, Nutrocker, Gucker)
Act. 14 Big Game in the Snow (Add in Oskar, Dollhouse to the mix)
color plate Kuster (1st Edition)
Chapter 6
color plate kauz (2nd Edition)
Act. 15 Another Snow (Bananaboat, SAFS, Stingray, Nuteater, unknown Strahl vehicle)
Act. 16 Plenty of My Little Friends (Add in Kauv, Fliege, Fireball SG)
Act. 17 Nothing's gonna change (only in 2nd Edition)
Act. 17 Paint It Black (Act 18 in Edition 2) (Salvage Frigate, Fireball SG)
Act. 18 The Ghost Dog (Act 19 in 2nd Edition) (Lunar Gans, Fireball SG, Snake-eye, Seapig, Kauz, Fliege, Konigs Krote, unknown Neuspotter-head unit )
Act. 19 The Stars and Stripes Forever (Act 20 in 2nd Edition) (Camel, PKAW, Lunar Pawn)
Act. 20 Those with Wings Shall Fly (Act 21 in 2nd Edition) (Add in Zerstrover, aircraft for PKAW)
color plate Lunar Gans (1st Edition)
color plate Prowler (2nd Edition)
Chapter 7
Act. 21 Frontline (Act 22 in Edition 2) (Jerry-can man, Raptor, Falke, Krote, Neuspotter, Gladiator, Konigs Krote)
Act. 22 The Birth of Pluto (Act 23 in 2nd Edition) (One of Pluto, Snake-eye)
Act. 24 NO SUN (2nd Edition) (Falke, Sirene, Grosserhund, Krachenvogel, Rappoon, MkIII A8/R8

(in Edition 1)
Text 1 ? in japanese can't read
Text 2 What is Ma.K

Act 1 featuring my favourite kid, Eddy Amsel!

Chapter 2 (color plates are different)

Conrad Amsel vs the Nutrocker (note the difference in layout)

Another example of different color plates

1st edition having additional japanese text section while 2nd edition having more chapters

Rappoon and Grosserhund in 2nd edition on the back

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gift from Germany

Just received this gift from a fellow forum member ZbV3000Germany aka Torsten!
Its a tiny 1/76 scale PKA H0/H1! I don't know there's such a model and which kit it came from... But I love it! :)
Thanks Torsten! Such generosity!

Incidentally, ZbV3000Germany is also involved in the rebranding of the SF3D to Ma.K...
Respect for the man!

Hobby Japan SF3D magazine

Hobby Japan SF3D magazine Review

As promised, book review number one! :)

This is a compilation of pictures, force charts, illustrations with additional SF3D story by Hobby Japan. The indivitual SF3D articles which appeared in individual Hobby Japan magazine are collected and put together. However, as I've read through some Hobby Japan magazines, the articles/illustrations are not the full set as found in the individual ones.
Regardless, this magazine is very cool in that it contains tons of reference material that cannot be found in the newer Ma.K books... A must get for all Ma.K fanatics!
It can be found at YAJ and the price ranges from 2000yen all the way to 7000+ yen.
Just sold my copy to a Ma.K forum member... :)

138 pages.

Act1 Operation Super Hummer (pictorial story featuring Nutrocker, AFS, Krote, Neuspotter, PKA, Gustav, SAFS, Falke, Hornise, Shekel)
Act2 Operation Peel Banana (pictorial story featuring Banana Boat, Fireball, spaceship)
SF3D story (japanese text + illustrations. This details the story of the war as well as background information about some important people like Eddy Amsel. Can't read Japanese, so ... )
I really enjoyed looking at Kow Sensei's drawings, he drew Eddy quite alot in this book...

SF3D story

Operation Super Hummer (Pictorial, I really love this!)

Combat Comics
Act1 Conrad Amsel's first mission in AFS vs Neuspotter and Nutrocker (Pen drawn)
Act2 Hornise mission featuring Eddy Amsel

Combat Comics

Merc Org force charts
Strahl force charts
Combat Service History and Specific Features (model pictures,illustrations,specs of hardware)

Sand Stalker

camo schemes for
Sand Stalker
Dollhouse (in color)
Pilots camo (in color)

Color pages in the middle of the book featuring:

camo schemes for infantry (both sides of the war, only found on this book)


Combat Service History and Specific Features (model pictures,illustrations,specs of hardware)