Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ma.K Modeling book

Ma.K Modeling book

The Ma.K Modeling Book is my very first Ma.K book, ironically, it is the 'latest' book in the series, having published after all the other Ma.K books.
I got this book when I participated in M.con 2007 mecha - non Gundam category at M.workship, which is a local hobby shop here in Singapore with my Fireball.
The only other Ma.K kits which participated were done by maxwinamp, my friend and administrator of PLAMO. The shop owner is a Ma.K fan as well and immediately introduced me this book, showing me the creativity of Sensei Kow Yokohama, saying that anything can be made into Ma.K. I was quickly fascinated by this book, especially the article in which how he made a robosweep into a Sirene.
I bought the book, even though it was quite expensive for me at that time (I haven't saw how much more expensive Ma.K kits are in the market, my spending threshold has since exploded).
This book remains the most valuable book to me, and I go thru it every once in a while.
After reading this book, I was immediately drawn to the Grosserhund, not knowing its a resin kit... Oh well, if only I can get my hands on it. ^^

Back to the review, its a softcover book, as opposed to all the hardcovers the Ma.K BD and encyclopedias. Its in Japanese, and features how Sensei Kow Yokohama builds his robots.
It features also other kits which he builds like Robot Battle, Star Wars. A very creative and detailed book, and a must have for all Ma.K modelers. Shows the painting techniques and color mixing unique to Sensei Kow. This book is different from the Encyclopedias in that it does not just show the finished model, but also how Sensei Kow makes and paints them.
112 pages.

PKA M Melusine
PKA N1 Nixe
Sturn Kafer
1/35 Mk44

Panzer Spwagen Za603 Sirene
1/20 Konigs Krote, 1/35 Konigs Krote, 1/35 Kuster, 1/35 Krote, 1/35 Gans
1/20 Gans
1/20 PKA G4 Gucker, K4 Ketzer

Tools used by Sensei Kow
Tools used by Sensei Kow
Desktop Cleaner converted by Sensei Kow

Mark Stevens 1/20 Hexen
Dragonar Kai
1/26 SAFS MkIII Rapoon
1/20 SAFS MkIII A8/R8
1/20 SAFS Mk III A8/R8
1/20 AFS Polar Bear (Wave kit)
1/20 AFS Luna Pawn (Wave kit)
1/6 SAFS

Kow Yokohama Style Color Tuning
UDK 38 Schenkel
1/35 Luna Diver
Salvage Frigate
Tips on how to apply decals and use markers
1/20 Fireball SG
1/20 Snake-eye
Mak human figures

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Anonymous said...

Thats my first Ma.k book as well... and I brought at the same shop too.

Agreed that the price was expensive but its worth every penny. Simply inspiring~!
Now I'm poisoned.