Thursday, June 4, 2009

SAFS Space Type 2 Snake Eye (WAVE) Mk-11

Well I finally gotten my hands on the new WAVE Snake Eye today and decided to give you guys a quick review. Lots of good things about this kit, the ability to do the split-suit thingy, new decals, cool female pilot head and helmet... I can go on and on. Here are the details...

Scale: 1/20
Type of material : off-white injection molds
Number of parts: 9 PE sprues + 1 PC sprue
Decals: yes
Instructions: yes
Overall quality: Very good
Overall accuracy: Accurate
Date of release: May 2009
Release price: 2600 yen

Let's go to the pictures !

Box with new artwork from Sensei Kow, love the shark mouth camo!
Contents: 2 bags of sprues, instruction book and decals. I was half expecting camo cards but I forgot, this is not Hasegawa.Camo schemes will probably be found in the next issue of Ma.K Profile book dedicated to Snake eye.

Sprue A - SAFS: This initially looks very similar to the older WAVE release of the Fireball SG. But closer inspection shows individual fingers for the manipulator arm.
The manipulator fore-arm's back ward ring is now part of the fore-arm, instead of being a separate part. I'd prefer the older version as no seamline removal for the part is required. This sprue also holds the new base that allows for the split-suit ability.
The shoulder and leg armor are different from the older release as they are hinged.

Sprue B - SAFS: This holds mostly the parts for the feet as well as the fixed pose cockpit hinge and movable cockpit hinge. (You can choose which one you want to use)

Sprue E - Snake eye: Snake eye cockpit hatch and fore ward ring for forearm

Sprue J - Snake eye: Laser arm, shoulder and groin armor, radar and sensor

Sprue K - Snake eye: backpack, side of body that connects to the arms, thruster base

Sprue L - Snake eye: Thruster bells, one piece each, no seamlines to fix! kneecaps and 2 pieces of the pointing thing which is for the back.(I wonder why?)

Sprue D and O - Snake eye: One piece pilot (female) and one piece helmet.
Very nice, minimal seams on the back of the head and front of the helmet to clean up. The clear part is for the sensor to be placed on the hatch.

PC Sprue SAFS: Joints and power cables

Decals : Nice shark mouth! Also included are the penguins and pigs

Cover and back page

Page 2 -3

Page 4-5

Page 6 -7

After all's said and done, I think this is a wonderfully easier kit to build compared to the older releases,
and lots more moving parts for those who wanna pose and even 'play' (pew pew) with their kits (think Gundam fans like me)
Pity the lack of the yellow camo card. I am glad I got two of them and can't wait for the next release!


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