Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Falke WIP 7

Was stuck cos I ran out of Bondite... Tried Selleys Epoxy Putty ($5:XX) but its totally unsuitable for modelling, dries within minutes and is rough. Not to mention dries very hot and smells like rotten eggs.
Restarted work today after getting more Bondite from the hardware store for $4:85 per pack.
Wanted to scribe panel lines but its very tough due to the curves and running out of time, so I decided to just quickly attach the two engines to the cockpit/main body using Bondite. Used wire inside to ensure it holds.
Here's how it looks after 2.5 hours of work adding Bondite and smoothing one side, wait for it to harden a bit before attaching the other side.
Top view
Front view (you can see its not symmetrical, but ites very tough to get it right)
side view
Finally a shot of the Bondite in case you guys go hunting for it...I love it, works smooth, soft and remains workable 20-30 minutes and can be worked smooth by water.


Blitzspear said...

Looking great Cyberwill, that Bondite putty looks like just the stuff i need for future project but i doubt it's sold in the UK.

cyberwill75 said...

Hey thanks man, I believe you have other types of products like Aves in your country, give them a try!
Hobby products are sometimes overpriced I think...