Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Falke WIP 6

The bondite epoxy putty cures equally hard as the alteco branded one, but is around $4.50 vs $7+ for the alteco brand, so I will stick with bondite. Tamiya is just too expensive, I have some, yet to try it out on this baby..
Anyways here's the update

I've glued the two spoons together onto a piece of plaplate, and added lots of epoxy putty to make the cockpit.
Slow progress, adding putty and filing, and trying to get the look right...

Here's how it looks to the side, I must say it sure looks like a lobster! There is a lobster decal in the Falke kit and I might just use that...

Here's how it looks with 'daddy'
I am out of epoxy for the moment so will proceed with some filing and sanding to smooth out the sides before I join them up into one piece.
The deadline looms!

Comments and criticisms encouraged!

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