Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby Falke WIP 9

Did lots of stuff this morning, now waiting for putty to dry.
I added Bondite to the thruster and used needle file to file it to shape.
Here's how it looks compared with the rest..
Singapore version Vitagen, Korean version Yakult from max, Baby Falke version...
My Ashley says she likes the tiny thruster the most, though she drinks Vitagen everyday.
3:27am and I almost finished building the baby...
I added details to the thruster, and spent hours scratch building the nose details and gatling gun.
Not entirely happy about the gun but no more time to make changes.

Mounted on a stand and took a test shot.

Another angle

Undercarriage shot

Take a break before I finish up the dive brakes.

Color scheme I finally decided to do the snow one from the Falke Profile instead of the usual green...
Hope I can finish in the morning before church service... Why do I always hang myself?lol

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