Monday, July 14, 2008


Got to know him when he bought a Gustav from me in my first attempt to sell kits online.
The thing I remembered fondly was that he commented that both of us are Christians and if I didn't ship the kit to him (he paid me in advance), he would bug me in heaven! lol
He is a warm guy and asked me whether the quake in China affected me, as at that time two major disasters, one being the quake in China and the other the typhoon in Myanmar occurred.
We also chatted on our Ma.K hobby and how we should, being Christians, view it in the eternal time frame.I really enjoy connecting with him and getting to know him more.
He is new to modeling (so he says) but his skills are very good, just take a look at his AFS WIP here.

Truly a humble person with incredible photoshop skills ...
And also another fanatic like me, we just compared our stash, and I was the one coming out impressed by his buying power! :)

Well PRIMER, model on and let's keep connecting, brother!

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