Saturday, August 29, 2009

Don't Give Up!

Hey guys sorry for the lack of WIP updates on this blog, been super busy at work and at home taking care of kid lately.
I've been working on my Falke for the past week or so and should have some pictures up soon.

Been wanting to write something motivational since one Sunday's sermon I heard something from my pastor. It's about not giving up doing something when we fail on it. I just took it and relate it to my modeling hobby.

When I started out modeling seriously as an adult, I thought I was pretty good (ha ha I am a very self confident guy). But then when I took part in my first modeling competition over at PLAMO in 2007 WOOB2, I got the truth handed to me. Here's my entry which took the LAST place honors.
Truth be told, I every nearly threw in the towel at that time, not because I did not win, but more because I saw my standard as too far below everyone else... I had bought modeling books to read, took time to design the logo, took leave to do the model kit though I rushed it out last minute blah blah blah... Looking back at this model, it is really quite rough in the finishing and not that I have progressed much now from 2007 in terms of skill.

I am an optimistic guy, like my dad, and just tried not to think too much about it.
In 2008 I think I won 2 prizes over at Hobbyfanatics but that was because there was like very few entries in the competition.
Reading articles over at Spruecutters and PLAMO made me 'grew' in terms of maturely treating modeling as a hobby.

2009 I was back again with my Griffon Labor
and Gasaraki Ishtar II
and well I did not land on the bottom, that's a pat to my own back, but did you see the other entries??!
They were so much better!

And lastly on the Baby Falke build, when I brought it into m workshop, and saw the other entries, I actually wanted to walk out as my base was like half-completed and I told myself 'Damn! Those kits look powerfully done!'. I was just glad to take part and join in the fun.

The joy in modeling for me I've come to realize, is really the modding/building part, the process and interaction I get from other modelers.
At the end of the day its just plastic/resin... And so what if I win today? Just look around and see the thousands of guys better than me. I am just happy to be part of the model fan, and hopefully improve with every build.

Point is, don't give up if its something you like to do / its the right thing to do.
Got your finished kit dissed by someone? Go and improve your skills!
See their comments (most of the time they are right) and work on your weak spots. Improve your strong points!
Try things out (but NOT for a competition piece)
Start early in a competition!
Take a course!
Post your WIP and ask for honest critical analysis!

Eventually you WILL make it.

Hey I am not saying I've made it hor, still got long long long way to go.
Guess this is not a very motivating blog entry...ha ha!
(I could share with you how I spent 8 years of my life chasing a single girl only to be rejected again and again, but now she's my wife. But THAT's another story :) )

Here's a great motivating clip someone shared over at PLAMO:

Keep modeling dudes!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ma.K WIP I am following now

Couple of great work in progress I am following right now, go chcek it out guys!

Vargen666's Seapig build (after my Seapig review)

Daimocow's Scout Flier (he is an amazing scratch builder)

Francesco's Snow SAFS (a classic scene from Ma.K BD)

Floaty thing, by nscol (F-Boot? or Marine Gladiator?)

Note: There are many other great WIPs in the forum, and you may need to be a member to view them. What are you waiting for, join in the Ma.Kness!


Ma.K blowout sale from shipment 15 + rare stuff

Here it is guys, catch this sale...

Figure set #1 11 (2 boxes)
Figure set #2 11
Fliege 36
AFS 10
AFS Mk 1 10
Fireball 40
Kauz 37
Gustav 38
PKA 37
Raptor (wave) 95

Raptor (modelkasten) 125 reserved

Raptor (modelkasten)conversion + SAFS 120 , note this conversion does not have raptor decals

Note: These are at cost/at a loss to me.
Prices in usd and does not include shipping to you.

PM/email me and I'll calculate shipping for you.
From experience,
1 small Nitto box to US, Europe, Australia is about $10usd via registered post.
2 small Nitto boxes is about $15-17usd via registered post.
Paypal only. Add 4% Paypal fees.

Friday, August 14, 2009

1/35 Snake eye (D3 Works)

Another rare kit in YAJ. WF Item. No instructions are given, but its straight forward kinda build.
The casting is better than the Fliege kit, no bubbles visible.
Thanks to our Darklord for providing this kit for review!

Scale: 1/35
Type of material : off white resin
Number of parts: 15
Decals: no
Instructions: no
Overall quality: good
Overall accuracy: ?
Date of release: ?
Release price: ?
Current Running price in YAJ: ?

Contents (Front)
Contents (side)


1/35 Fliege (D3 Works)

Another 1/35 kit, I realized the reason they are in demand is the vast amount of 1/35 scale accessories and kits out there (especially WW2 tanks, vehicles, and expensive resin figures). If one wants to do a diorama, 1/35 would be the more convenient way to go, rather than 1/20. Back to topic, this is a rare kit in YAJ, having only seen it twice before. No instructions are given, but its straight forward kinda build. Thanks to our Darklord for providing this kit for review! The casting is ok, with a few tiny air bubbles here and there. The antenna are also a bit warped but should be easily fixed.

Scale: 1/35
Type of material : off white resin
Number of parts: 12
Decals: no
Instructions: no
Overall quality: ok
Overall accuracy: ?
Date of release: ?
Release price: ?
Current Running price in YAJ: ?


eh for ages 30 and above only? :)

1/35 Luna Pawn (ZWB)

Some 1/35 love finally! This is a resin kit by Zionel Western Bis, a WF item I presume. The quality and detail is pretty good, there are even rivets on the back of the lower leg, just like the WAVE Luna Pawn release. The seamlines are very shallow and can be easily cleaned up with sandpaper. One will need to add wires and tiny springs to complete it. Thanks to our fellow Darklord for allowing/requesting me to review this kit before shipping to him! :)

Scale: 1/35
Type of material : off white resin
Number of parts: 14
Decals: no
Instructions: yes
Overall quality: good
Overall accuracy: ?
Date of release: ?
Release price: 2000yen
Current Running price in YAJ: 3000+ yen



Seapig/Snakeeye resin conversion (SuperHammer)

Here's a resin conversion kit for the Seapig/Snakeeye. You will require a Fireball SG to complete it.
The manufacturer is Operation Super Hammer a.k.a. Ueno-san. As can be seen from the pictures, the main body is molded in one piece and it has details inside so we can actually do an open suit. The cockpit cover is also detailed on the inside.
I realized that both left and right arms are provided with a small bag containing the left manipulator hand so we can do a Seapig with 2 hands. A Snakeeye laser arm is provided so that we can convert a Fireball SG into the Snakeeye. The other small bags contain the sensors and radar.
The additional fuel pods and large radar are provided and the thing about the casting is that there are virtually no seamlines on the fuel pods! The resin's quality is the best I've seen so far. I was tempted to keep it for myself, but shipped it out recently.

Scale: 1/20
Type of material : off white resin
Number of parts: 27
Decals: no
Instructions: yes
Overall quality: best I've ever seen!
Overall accuracy: ?
Date of release: ?
Release price: 5000yen
Current Running price in YAJ: 6000 to 7500 yen


Parts (front)

Parts (side)Instructions

Pz. Spah 1124 Lunar Gans (modelkasten)

A long overdue review, here's the Lunar Gans from modelkasten.
The Lunar Gans is basically a recon unit found on the moon with no visible weapons. It's different from the Land Gans in that besides having no weapons, it uses AG pods and thrusters to propel itself in space. It was featured in Ma.K BD book in the encounters on the moon where it was guarding some Strahl installation and looked on while Merc forces flew past.

Its a rare collectible and regularly fetch extremely high prices in YAJ. I've only seen less than 5 changed hands in 12 months.
We could kit bash a Krote and a Neuspotter, with some parts from Fledermaus, but the price would be pretty high too. The figure from the Fliege kit is included in this kit. All the styrene sprues are milky white.
I got mine in a 20+ Ma.K kit auction, but the bad news for me is there are some missing parts in the box. My heart sank when I started doing the review, as it was then I discovered it. I am missing the unique AG pods on the body(neuspotter AG pods modified and built side by side), and the large thruster bells (from the Fledermaus kit). Considering how far I went to get it...Sorry for the rant, we can only hope for a reissue in styrene by WAVE in the near future... :)

Scale: 1/20
Type of material : injection molded, multi-media, white colored plastic + resin parts
Number of parts: ? in many sprues
Decals: yes
Instructions: yes
Overall quality: Very good, virtually no flash
Overall accuracy: Accurate
Date of release: March 2000
Release price: 7900 yen (price from HLJ)
Current Running price in YAJ: 18000yen - 24000yen

Box (front)
box(back) I really like this art work and camo scheme
Sprue (Krote)

Sprue (Neuspotter and figure)
Resin for the optics in front of the Gans
Camo card and multimedia (If I am crazy I would buy 3 or more Lunar Gans just to paint all the different schemes, well maybe when the styrene kit comes out, IF it comes out)
Instructions with funny comics inside
Man its in German! I can't read it!

Hope you guys enjoyed this review. :)
(Update, a generous forum member volunteered to give me his Fledermaus thruster bells!!! Thank you so much!)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Polar Bear WIP 8 - Hardboiled PB sculpting completed

A little update:
Did the joint covers for the rest of the arms...
I was a bit lazy and just puttied over the manipulator arm's original rubbery joint cover.
Also added a periscope bump on the top of the Hardboiled PB

Left view

Rear view

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Polar Bear WIP 8 - Hardboiled PB sculpting

Ok tonight I've gotten some 2-3 hours of solid work on this ...
Drilled tiny holes in the laser arm for where the wires go, and sculpted one joint cover
(I was quite afraid of doing this as its my first time)
Here's one joint cover completed with bondite.

Then I worked on making the fist closed.
A bit bolder now, I just used the cutter to cut the joints 90%, bent them and added lots of cement.
Once dried, I added bondite to cover the gaps.

Still a little rough (the tiny bondite finger covers) but I will work on them more when it cures.

That's all for tonight.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Polar Bear WIP 7 + 2 more PB!!!

Finally back at this build, gotten my 2 more PB thru leafster my bro, and started on the fantastic resin kit (my first) from Francesco...
Here's my game plan, the 3 Polar Bears are going hunting for Konigs Krote. The trio is inspired by the Ma.K Falke Profile book. I plan to call this diorama "Going Hunting". Que the music video "hunter" here which is one of my favourite music videos!
The Hardboiled PB will be in the front, stopping the group as he spots a KK footpprint in the snow.

The second PB will be carrying rocket(s), I am still waiting the the other hand (will be using the night-fighting variant's left hand).
The last PB will be my first completed PB. (I just realised that I glued the crotch armor to the rear, and the buttplate in front on the completed PB, but oh well, looks ok)
View from the left
I will be scratch building skis, snowboard and rockets for the scene.
I am totally in love with snow!
Comments/Criticisms encouraged...

lol (this is not in the scene)