Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nice people : Igor57

I got to know Igor57 thru the Nadefu competition. We both participated in it and I was a bit late into the competition due to myself being a very last minute person. :)
He was very nice and offered great advice as well as encouragement both in my WIP thread as well as private message (pm).
He shared with me details of his build even though we were both competing, this made me feel that the competition was more of a group-build which was good... Igor prodded me every few days, asking me about my progress as well as sharing to me about his family and background. I dare say I won't have the motivation to complete the kit without encouragement from him and Dainaka (another great person!)
Igor is a fantastic scratch builder, just see some of his works:
Raubwespe (Predator Wasp) for the Nadefu competition
Gustav AG
After the competition, Igor brought some Ma.K kits from me as I brought a few extra Ma.K kits for myself. From there he provided me the inspiration to start bringing in kits for the rest of the forum as a form of service... Continued to provide me advice on dong business online and is also currently my biggest customer! lol
Easy going is what I can describe from my impression of this man, and generous too, offering his knives as prizes for the forum competition.
Igor, I couldn't have come so far in Ma.K without you!

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