Monday, July 21, 2008

Lobots in My Living Room

This is my shoe cabinet, at the entrance of my apartment.
This is the only place I can put my robots in the living room.
I used to put them everywhere but now that Ashley is around, I cannot put them where she can reach!
(From left to right)
Ma.K Fledermaus, 1/100 Nu Gundam, MG ZZ Gundam, Hobbyfan resin trophy, MG GP03 Gundam, SD Nu Gundam, SD Sazabi, Ma.K Fireball, Ni-Nu gasaphon, SD Underwater Trio. The golden bust is my wife's.
Here's another shot.

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Dennis said...

Hi Will, I see you have a huge collection. Impressive. Nice to meet you by the way. Cheers!