Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gustav Quick Review

Gustav Quick Review

Did this quick review as my fellow Ma.Ker asked what's the difference between the sf3d version and the Ma.K version. As you would have realized, there are few Strahl suits review on my blog cos I am not a fan of them (yet...)
Here I am just trying to point out the differences between the 3 versions out there for your next purchase consideration. The 3 versions are: SF#D, Ma.K and Ma.K Clear. Well before tonight, I thought the only difference was the decals, and I was wrong... Read on...

Ma.K version (top left), Ma.K Clear version (top right) and
SF3D version front

All 3 kits opened. The main differences are: the SF3D version has lead weights for the feet (see the 2 grey things beside canopy in the bottom of the picture?) AND the canopy of the SF3D version is much darker tinted than the 2 Ma.K versions! (thats new to me)
SF3D version (camo card is same with the Ma.K version). Note the lead weights at the bottom.
SF3D decals and the darker canopy
Ma.K decals and lighter canopy, I quite like the decals here. Notice the nice yellow pumpkin head (larger version of it in the Gan first release)
Ma.K Clear version with the lighter canopy, and different camo card which I think is the nicest amongst the three.

Ma.K Clear version decals, quite similar to the Ma.K version, with the yellow heart and black snake.
Hope this helps guys!

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