Friday, May 22, 2009

Shipment 14 pictures

Shipment 14 pictures
Just been to the customs, first time being there, the folks there are very nice, just showed them the invoices and they billed my the GST, big hassle for me to go down all the way via MRT and bus and then come back by cab though. Not much tax, its a couple of dollars more for the more expensive kits and around a dollar for the cheaper ones.
Ashley just woke up and I have to put back the packing material so that she can take them all out again. Think she will be good working for customs in the future.. lol

Here are the stuff:
kits on the left
kits in the center
kits on the right

All I wanted in this shipment is a rare kit. Gans, Lunar Gans...
And finally I complete the series with all the Neuspotter heads (Neuspotter, Krachenvogel, Land Gans, Lunar Gans, Oskar & Konigs Krote)
Detailed review of the Lunar Gans coming up...
First, to allocate the kits.... I am about swarmed with PMs and emails! :) Will

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