Friday, May 15, 2009

Polar Bear WIP 5

Polar Bear WIP 5
I added 2 kill marks (red PKA H0 kill marks) on one side of the backpack. I demonstrated how to apply decal to my disciple Ashley Chin (my inquisitive kid) and my father in law who is staying with us over the weekend.

I started applying the blue stripes using a mixture of RLM65 No 115 light blue, No 64 sky blue and No 1 white on the forearms, helmet, and feet. I took care to just add thin coats of the mixture and left some parts unpainted to simulate chips.

Ashley is very interested and painting robot and almost did not want to sleep when my in laws asked her to sleep with them! :)

Seeing the J markings and the Polar Bear logo being too dark, I decided to jump in and paint the decals. I was afraid that the thinner would dissolve the decal because I had a disaster using Tamiya enamel thinner on top of unprotected decals. Unlike the enamel thinner, the Gunze thinner did not dissolve/melt the decal, but it was very tough trying to paint within the decals. The end result was not fantastic. Oh well, try again next time.

Now to find my tools and wires to do some modding...

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