Friday, May 1, 2009

Its Hardboiled!

My friend Francesco just sent me his Hardboiled AFS conversion as a gift! It was made to participate in the Design Your Own Suit group build, and won the 4th place. I can't wait to start on it, but I must first get myself another wave AFS...

Just to ensure that I don't make any confusion, this conversion is Francesco's personal reinterpretation of Alaya-San original model
Here--> you can see an side by side comparison
And here--> you can see he is redesigning the subject

Hardboiled isn't a Ma.K. model.. It's only a conversion for Wave AFS
Hardboiled will never sell at Wonderfest. Hardboiled isn't a product: Francesco made some copies for his own use.

This is how it looks like when built up:
Hardboiled by Francesco
Hardboiled by Brian Krueger
Since this is not a kit, I wouldn't be doing a review of it. I am however, extremely honored by Francesco to have it. I will do a short write up on Francesco, one of the modelers I deeply respect.
Additional pictures of the Hardboiled made by Francesco:

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