Thursday, May 14, 2009

Polar Bear WIP 4

Polar Bear WIP 4
As suggested by Lin.K, I placed the arms and parts together and realized that they are too dark when compared with the suit. So I went to whiten the areas even more, with lacquer paint. I hesitated using acrylics as I don't handbrush well with them, and will try to 'highlight' a bit later with enamels after a coat of protective layer. Here's how it looks with the second layer of white.
As you can see, some of the contrasting strokes are covered up. Can't say its better or worse than before.I scrubbed the feet a bit to reveal the bottom coat and to have some variation in the paint job.

Decided that its gloss enough and before I add the blue stripes, I applied the decals so that I have a sense of how large the blue stripes should I paint later, and also I will attempt to use the blue to repaint over some of the decals. First time doing this so I am a bit fearful.Here's how it looks like after adding decals. I used the 'J' option, as I wanted to make the fellow in the Ma.K BD as well as in the Ma.K Profile #1 - Falke book. Don't know his name, but I like him, and so I used the decals as instructed by the instruction booklet religiously. Not too much decals eh?

I applied Mark Setter on the place where I am going to put the decal, slide it off and position it with a cotton bud. Once dried, I applied Mark Softener on it. After that has dried, I repeat the process with Mark Softener again.
I am still thinking of whether to use some of kill marking decals...
That's it for tonight, hopefully tomorrow I can do the blue stripes, and add wires to the kit.
Night guys! (or is it morning -_-''')

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PRIMER said...

It's looking great Will!

Very cool!