Monday, September 29, 2008

Fliege Review

I've done up the scans for this review for many months now, but forgot to put it up due to being too busy in my daily life. Well here it is. The Fliege. Its not one of my favourite suits, due to the retro-like window open for the pilot, but is a major favourite among Ma.K modellers (and frequent request for YAJ bids). The sprue details are the same as the Kauz, so I'll omit them from this review. It has a pilot (standing) figure as part of the kit, though, as usual Nitto figures quality goes, the details are a bit soft.

Scale: 1/20
Type of material : injection molded, multi-media, off white colored plastic
Number of parts: 100+ in 5 sprues
Decals: yes
Instructions: yes
Overall quality: Very good, virtually no flash
Overall accuracy: Accurate
Date of release: ?
Release price: ?
Current Running price in YAJ: 3000yen - 5000yen


Sprue A and B
Sprue C and D

Instruction Sheet Front and BackBox front
Box back
Camo card front
Camo card back

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