Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Thoughts and Sales Analysis

Remember my previous blog post on selling my favourite kits?

Here's an update: I've sold off my Gans, Oskar and Krachenvogel...
Selling off the Oskar was particularly painful, as it was my most favourite kit, don't ask me why because I can't explain it...
I've just gotten another Krachenvogel in my latest model kit shipment, but I might just sell that away as I don't like it that much.
I will keep the Neuspotter kit as its missing the camo card and I've taken out Eddy Amsel to use...

Just briefly went thru my Ma.K sales and here's the top 5 kits in terms of number of kits sold:

The Gustav is the winner by a large margin, I think it not being released as a new release like the AFS and its the basis of many of the Strahl suits making it a favourite.
I didn't expect the Fliege to be so popular, as I personally don't like it... But it seems to be a hit with everyone else.

Well just some random thoughts from me today...

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