Sunday, June 22, 2008

PKA M Melusine scans

Published in Model Kit World magazine No.146 in 2003, This was the first time I saw a Ma.K model in MKW. At that time of course, I bought the magazine for the Gundam models... Looked interesting to me but I never did give it a second look. today I went back to dug up all my old old MKW magazines and started scanning them to share with you guys...

MKW is a Hong Kong based modeling magazine which covers a variety of models from armour to figure, with the reviews of G-System resin Gundam models which I love...

Anyway I can't get this magazine here now which is a pity, but there are plenty of articles which I am scanning in so stay tuned!

Note: These completed model kits' photos belong to their respective owners and if there are any issues, I will take them down immediately. I respect the owner's rights!

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