Monday, June 23, 2008

4th Shipment is IN!

Postman delievered this on Friday... Today I'm having food poisoning and in between toilet visits I took some pictures... Don't worry, I wash my hands before handling the kits. lol.
Now is the massive task of opening up the unsealed stuff and checking that the parts/decals/instructions/camo cards are in and allocating them to those who reserved them.
Also averaging out the pricing and adding the split shipment costs.
I realized that I am not good at logistics, messed up one of my friends' Fledermaus shipment. Hopefully this will not happen again...

Ashley's not around to take picture this time. :)

Contents: AFS MkI, Kauz x2, Krachenvogel, Fireball, Krote x3, Jerry, Fliege x2, Gans, Racoon x2, SAFS x2, Gustav x3, Hornise x1, plus 3 Hobby Japan books.

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