Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My favourite Ma.K kits

My favourite kits

Here's a picture of my most favourite Ma.K kits. In the back is the Land Gans and the Oskar. In the front is the Krachenvogel and Neuspotter. Notice that all of them have one thing in common: the Neuspotter head. For some reason, I love anything with a Neuspotter head attached on it.
Another thing these kits have in common is that they are hard (sic very hard) to get and ridiculously expensive. These 4 boxes of plastic and resin easily cost me $1k in SGD. Some people would say I am crazy, I would definitely agree.... :)
In recent news from Japan, Mr Kow Yokohama said we can buy Nitto parts (in thousands) and cited the possibility of buying Neuspotter heads as an example. I immediately thought of organising a Mass Order for 1 thousand of them! lol. I would then put Neuspotter heads on every fixture I have in the house, bathroom.... That's just a thought.
Why take a photo of it to show off? That's just for memories sake, for my church has just bought a new place and we need money for renovation. Some sisters in my church sold off their jewelery to fund it. Me? The only thing I have worth money are plastic kits... I will hold off as much as possible to try to keep them, but I might have to sell. Its not a big deal, even though I love these kits. Just let me cry a bit first. :)
At the end of the day, I can't take them with me when I pass on...
(I am tempted to say : Its just plastic, but this might offend many of my fellow modelers lol). Hey I take the hobby seriously, but there are many things far more than it.
Well the rest of you reading this post, just some thoughts from the handsome man... What do you think? Share with me in your comments!


tanks said...

I might be interested to take over your Gans, Oskar etc. But need to know the costing 1st la.

cyberwill75 said...

Hi there tanks, thanks for your interest. You can contact me via email at cyberwill75 at yahoo.com

Hear from you soon.