Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lots of updates real soon!

Sorry for lack of updates online, even though tons of stuff are happening in real life... Will post more magazine scans and updates tomorrow!!!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oskar WIP

Hi all, the computer decided not to die after all, and I quickly started scanning the WIP. This is a great article (unfortunately I only have part 1 of this).

High res versions are available here:

More coming up!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Konigs Krote mail order

Just as my own Rainbow Egg Konigs Krote (land version I believe) is being shipped to me from Japan... Rainbow Egg sends out news that its re-releasing it (the winter-land version) with Lunar parts in May 2009.
Price is 37000 yen. This baby is featured in the recently released Ma.K Profile Book 1.

Argh!!! Don't know if I should cry, cos I paid nearly 500usd for my land version. Should I sell my other kits to buy this one too? The sick feeling in my stomach. Then I thought about it, its greed. Haiz (sigh in internet speech), greed is not good. Lust of the eyes. I can't get it, I already have one coming to my house. I have more kits than I could ever finish this lifetime. But its the feeling when you just bought something nice, and something newer/cheaper/more powerful gets released? I guess many of us know this feeling when we buy handphones/computers/gadgets, and even model kits.

Well, just to rant about it online, my thoughts, hope you guys don't mind. I must learn to be content.

BTW the scans are delayed, my computer just went down again... I am using my wife's netbook to post... I was down with bad flu this entire week, hopefully can finish up that 2 AFSs soon, and boy am I liking them more and more...


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AFS MkII and Polar Bear painting starts now!

Just painted the base coat with a mix of Gunze black and brown.
Decided to do the Polar Bear the same way too.

Yes I work at my expensive coffee table watching Ellen... lol

First time using brush and boy does the paint dry fast even with the retarder...
Look I am hanging them!!!


Guys I appreciate any form of help moving forward from here, comments/criticisms please!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My stash so far

Well we were just sharing pictures of our stash here in PLAMO and I decided to take a picture of my Ma.K stash so far. Its not a big stash when compared to some of the guys in the Ma.K forum, and I've been quite disciplined thus far (ya right).. So here's my humble little stash...

Oh and I just happen to buy a couple of cheap Gundams recently, most of my Gundams come out of the box right when they reach my home and get snap-fitted right away. Now only 3 are in their boxes...

BTW, I just got hold of the MKW magazines last night and will be posting the scans very soon. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

iluvmak is over one year old

Never thought this blog and hobby will grow to what it is in my life today.

A bit addictive, totally absorbing, staying up late nights fighting bids over at yahoo auctions japan (big sorry to the japanese guys who lost to me there). Getting to know (a bit) of fantastic people from all walks of life, people like Adi, Steve, James Tobias, Francesco, fans in Singapore like Dylan, Mun, Maxwinamp, Vayeate, Kjager, viper, oh and the colorful snake eye :) (bro you da man!) ... many others in Germany (Bryan), Australia, US whom I've been in contact with, thru the kits, and more recent friends like max from Korea and andy from Netherlands.

I know I've been selling and dealing kits more than I've been modeling Ma.K. But I've been hard at work in PLAMO, working on my batmobile for the car build and the Gasaraki Ishtar Mk2 for WOOB4. I want to better my skills before attempting on the more expensive Ma.K kits.

2 wave kits are coming up in my WOOB4 build, and though I am not yet a skillful modeler, I am enthusiastic still, and hopefully there will be more entries in WIP and Finished builds section.

Especially thankful to the people in forums Ma.K and PLAMO, learnt alot from you guys in building and painting, and lots of chit chat as well.

More accessible Ma.K kits on their way, so my service might be obselete soon, but that's ok. I envision a day where Ma.K will be cheap again...Man am I long winded or what???

To all the Ma.K friends and fans, Ma.K on!!!
Keep it crazy and cool.

My gift from Korea

Max, a fellow Ma.K fan and friend of mine, decided to send me some Ma.K stuff from South Korea...
Yakult bottle, 4 Ma.K patches for me to distribute to my Singapore Ma.K friends, and ...

a metal etched Falke Specification plate!!!!!
Big THANK YOU to max from South Korea! I am happy to be your friend and I want to see your daughter's pictures soon! :)

Good News 2

Good News 2 is .... I am getting my hands on more old issues of MKW with Ma.K inside!
This magazine is increasingly hard to get as less shops/if any now still bring them in.

So guys, please wait for more Ma.K magazine scans (with hi-res versions) to come!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Good News 1

Just got informed by the Ma.K Forum that Hasegawa is releasing new figure sets for Ma.K!
No pictures yet, but yay! I am so excited!!!

Stay tuned for another good news tomorrow!

Nitto Figure set 1 & 2

1/20 Nitto Figure set 1 & 2

With the new figure set coming from Hasegawa (latest news I got off the Ma.K forum), I present you the older Nitto Figure sets 1 & 2. These are figures bundled from the other Nitto releases. Figure set 1 (top) features Mercenary troops: the SAFS Pilot, Jerry Pilot & our favourite Eddy Amsel. Figure set 2 (bottom), Shutorial forces, includes the Krote mechanic, Fledermaus pilot & Flieg Pilot. The figures are of Nitto quality, soft details and need more work to look particularly nice. They are of a different color than the khaki sprue(pinkish/salmon color) when bundled together in the box, and are packaged stapled to the instruction card. Additional camo cards belonging to the Nitto boxes are given, with the figure cards as well. Now you might ask what's a figure set good for? Well I think it is a good place to get 1/20 figures for Ma.K dioramas, and especially if you like the Eddy Amsel figure, but don't want to spend alot of money on a Neuspotter kit. The Krote mechanic, SAFS pilot and Fliege pilots are the most flexible ones, as they can be placed alongside other suits like the Raccoon or the Kauz.

Scale: 1/20
Type of material : pinkish injection molds
Number of parts: 3 sprues each
Decals: yes
Instructions: yes
Overall quality: good
Overall accuracy: Accurate
Date of release: Jan1994
Release price: 1500 yen
Current Running price in YAJ: 1000 - 2500 yen

Figure Set 1


figure cards front

figure cards back

Figure set 2


figure cards front
figure cards back

Saturday, April 11, 2009

WAVE 1/20 AFS MkII and Polar Bear for WOOB4

Join more Ma.K to the PLAMO WOOB4. I already have a Gasaraki Ishtar MkII which has just finished its base coat. Actually these two are primed and more or less ready to go for paint for some time now. Started snapping them new year of 2008. Man I am SLOW. :)

I will try out 2 different techniques this time. The popular hairspray technique on the MkII and Lin.k's (of the Ma.K forum) direct brush painting technique with Gunze colors.

Hope can faster finish these two and learn along the way :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thanks for the MASSIVE support!

Thanks for the MASSIVE support for the latest shipment!

Most of it is gone, except the AFS and AFS MkIs...

BTW new reissues of Flieges and Kauzs are coming out in July/August 2009!
Go get them before they are gone again.

More reviews of Figure sets 1&2, AFS coming up..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

1/35 SAFS Prototype (Zionel Western Bis)

Here's another rare kit from WF, released by Zionel Western Bis. I believe its a conversion kit, as it does not contain all the parts for a full suit, and the instructions (in Japanese) clearly indicated that there are parts necessary to be used from another kit.
The overall casting is good, and is in white. I particularly like the helmet's shape, very nice!
2 different heads are provided (see the pictures below), and the pilot's body is also provided,
in fact the suit has details inside allowing the modeler to build it as a split suit. The only multimedia here is the radio wire.
No springs found in this kit.

Scale: 1/35
Type of material : white resin
Number of parts: many
Decals: no
Instructions: yes
Overall quality: Good
Overall accuracy: unknown
Date of release: 2004?
Release price: unknown



parts layout and instruction sheet

instruction sheet

closeup of instruction indicating the parts list

Friday, April 3, 2009

Finalized prices for shipment 12

Finalized prices for shipment 12.
Note: this is not a sales thread, as many of the kits are requests by forum members, and they are taken up.
For the unclaimed kits, please wait a few days more.
Some are quite low prices because I score a couple of multiple kit auctions, saved on individual shipping and commissions to SMJ,
and manage to average out the prices.

Gustav 29
Hornisse 65
Fledermaus 55
Nutrocker 25
Prowler 60
sf3d/ma.k AFS (old kit) 15
sf3d/ma.k AFS Mk1(old kit) 15
Figure set 1 15
Figure set 2 15
Neuspotter 60
Raccoon 42
Fireball 40
PKA 28
Krote 94
Kauz 70
Fliege 58

These prices are for shipment 12 only, and not a guarantee of future prices.
I post them here because I want to be transparent with all and not begin to profiteer / charge super high prices.
Now for those of you dealing with me for this shipment, if I charge you higher than what is listed here, please PM/email me to complain.
If I charge you lower, well then you know you are getting a bargain. :)