Friday, April 24, 2009

Konigs Krote mail order

Just as my own Rainbow Egg Konigs Krote (land version I believe) is being shipped to me from Japan... Rainbow Egg sends out news that its re-releasing it (the winter-land version) with Lunar parts in May 2009.
Price is 37000 yen. This baby is featured in the recently released Ma.K Profile Book 1.

Argh!!! Don't know if I should cry, cos I paid nearly 500usd for my land version. Should I sell my other kits to buy this one too? The sick feeling in my stomach. Then I thought about it, its greed. Haiz (sigh in internet speech), greed is not good. Lust of the eyes. I can't get it, I already have one coming to my house. I have more kits than I could ever finish this lifetime. But its the feeling when you just bought something nice, and something newer/cheaper/more powerful gets released? I guess many of us know this feeling when we buy handphones/computers/gadgets, and even model kits.

Well, just to rant about it online, my thoughts, hope you guys don't mind. I must learn to be content.

BTW the scans are delayed, my computer just went down again... I am using my wife's netbook to post... I was down with bad flu this entire week, hopefully can finish up that 2 AFSs soon, and boy am I liking them more and more...


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