Friday, April 3, 2009

Finalized prices for shipment 12

Finalized prices for shipment 12.
Note: this is not a sales thread, as many of the kits are requests by forum members, and they are taken up.
For the unclaimed kits, please wait a few days more.
Some are quite low prices because I score a couple of multiple kit auctions, saved on individual shipping and commissions to SMJ,
and manage to average out the prices.

Gustav 29
Hornisse 65
Fledermaus 55
Nutrocker 25
Prowler 60
sf3d/ma.k AFS (old kit) 15
sf3d/ma.k AFS Mk1(old kit) 15
Figure set 1 15
Figure set 2 15
Neuspotter 60
Raccoon 42
Fireball 40
PKA 28
Krote 94
Kauz 70
Fliege 58

These prices are for shipment 12 only, and not a guarantee of future prices.
I post them here because I want to be transparent with all and not begin to profiteer / charge super high prices.
Now for those of you dealing with me for this shipment, if I charge you higher than what is listed here, please PM/email me to complain.
If I charge you lower, well then you know you are getting a bargain. :)


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