Tuesday, April 14, 2009

iluvmak is over one year old

Never thought this blog and hobby will grow to what it is in my life today.

A bit addictive, totally absorbing, staying up late nights fighting bids over at yahoo auctions japan (big sorry to the japanese guys who lost to me there). Getting to know (a bit) of fantastic people from all walks of life, people like Adi, Steve, James Tobias, Francesco, fans in Singapore like Dylan, Mun, Maxwinamp, Vayeate, Kjager, viper, oh and the colorful snake eye :) (bro you da man!) ... many others in Germany (Bryan), Australia, US whom I've been in contact with, thru the kits, and more recent friends like max from Korea and andy from Netherlands.

I know I've been selling and dealing kits more than I've been modeling Ma.K. But I've been hard at work in PLAMO, working on my batmobile for the car build and the Gasaraki Ishtar Mk2 for WOOB4. I want to better my skills before attempting on the more expensive Ma.K kits.

2 wave kits are coming up in my WOOB4 build, and though I am not yet a skillful modeler, I am enthusiastic still, and hopefully there will be more entries in WIP and Finished builds section.

Especially thankful to the people in forums Ma.K and PLAMO, learnt alot from you guys in building and painting, and lots of chit chat as well.

More accessible Ma.K kits on their way, so my service might be obselete soon, but that's ok. I envision a day where Ma.K will be cheap again...Man am I long winded or what???

To all the Ma.K friends and fans, Ma.K on!!!
Keep it crazy and cool.

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