Sunday, March 29, 2009

1/12 AFS Mk.I (Pro-A Model)

Here's a kit I won for someone, a 1/12 AFS Mk.I from Pro-A Model. I'd assume this is a Hong Kong based company which sold at WF.
Not much else is known about this kit, so if anyone knows, please feel free to add your input! Only seen it once at YAJ together with a 1/12 Gustav/PKA which I lost the auction...The casting is pretty good, I can even see the weld beads and tiny screws which hold the armor together. The scale is big, just compare it with the 1/20 AFS, and the suit has internal details and a cool pilot figure. Even the joint covers for the legs are done. Comes with 2 manipulators, one opened, one closed. Also has a vacuum formed clear visor.
Eh no springs or other multimedia though.

Scale: 1/12
Type of material : resin
Number of parts: many
Decals: no
Instructions: yes
Overall quality: Good
Overall accuracy: unknown
Date of release: 2004
Release price: unknown



Parts breakdown with a 1/20 AFS for scale comparison



John said...

I have the Gustav kit of that line in 1/ very nice! I have a Raptor in the same scale that I got from R10, can't remember who made that one.

Thanks for the review!

-John (aka jontom)

cyberwill75 said...

No problems John!
Woah can't wait to see you build/review your kits!!!