Thursday, July 17, 2008


Dainaka was the first person I got to know (IIRC) thru emails when I just came into the Ma.K forum. He gave me a free Fledermaus (shipping included!) all the way from US to Singapore, as he informed the rest of the forum of the Nadef competition but did not wish to participate in it.
Blew me away with his generousity! He even gve me additional photo-etched screen wipers to use for the Fledermaus and scanned instructions for me to start early.
Helped me alot throughout the build, offering color scheme advice and sharing with me how he'd gotten into Ma.K. Now where on Earth can you find a guy as helpful as him !!

Fantastic guy, I strive to be generous and helpful like him!

Oh, did I mention that he build awesome Ma.K as well? Just take a look at his Snake-Eye bis
and his WIP of the SAFS-R Raccoon and Marine SAFS Kraken.
I have much learn from him...

Dai, Thanks!!!!

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