Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Lobot Room Part 2

Here's the other-most shelf. I will see it first thing when I enter the room.

Top level: All my smaller Zakus, Goufs and my personal favourite,
the Geara Doga, in their HGUC, SD, and gasaphon forms.
Whenever I like a particular robot, I will try to collect all the different formats.

Middle level: HGUC Titans mechs. I have the O, Palace Athene, Asshimar and the random Hazel gasaphon. Where are the rest of the Titans like the GM and Hazel? They are in the building phase now and all in pieces (for the time being)

Lower level, my Eva collection, Patlabor and the odd Gasaraki kit...
Thats all for today... :)

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