Friday, October 23, 2009

Book Review : Ma.K Profile Book #2 : Snake Eye

I just got it! Pardon the lousy pictures, its midnight and the best I can do right now. Soft cover, 64 pages, written in Japanese (good to get a Japanese fren or go learn Japanese!)

Contents (page number)
Ma.K BD 1
Contents 5
Ma.K in Action Act.02 6
Modeling File 14
How to build Ma.K 16
Camouflage & Markings 26
Flashback Model Graphix 1999-2008 30
Kow's lotta models 38
Kow's artworks 58
TAMACAN's atelier visit 63
Original decal 64

Cover Sleeve & Ma.K BD

Ma.K in Action Act.02

Modeling File & How to build Ma.K (Here Sensei explains how to model the split suit!)

Camouflage & Markings, Flashback
Evolution of Snake Eye and Female Model

Kow's lotta models, also featuring Spitfire

Figure Set A featuring Lin.K and Neechmonkey (Lincoln and Travis)

Artwork & Decal
Back Cover

Should you get it? If you are a Snake Eye lover, or just bought the WAVE Snake Eye, just go buy it! I know I want, especially with one of the decals being a cool quote from the Bible!
It will grow on you even if you are not a Snake Eye fan.

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Mac Guy said...

Wow! This is my next book! I have Falke book already. Hope Santa remembers. Thanks for the inside shots.

mac guy