Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Neuspotter WIP 2

Tiny bit of progress today...
Mostly sanding and fixing problematic parts, like the two thruster bells...
After 1hr of sanding the two halves of the thrusters (khaki ones on the left), I decided to use the new WAVE Snake Eye's (off white ones on the right). Incidentally, the thrusters are the same ones for the Fireball, strange, considering the Neuspotter is a Strahl unit. But don't think too much for Ma.K!

Cut off the attachments and stick them to the Snake Eye's, I feel so proud of myself :)

Next, the most difficult part IMHO, the anti-gravity units.
All of us Ma.K fanatics know that they are actually made up of 2 Star Wars AT-AT necks (ERTL/AMT kit)
Sanding nightmare!

I used a combination of needle file, pin vise, back of my modeling knife, and some 600 sand paper to get rid of the major seamline running full length along the part. A tiny bit of putty for where there are holes.
The brush is for clearing the dust so that I can see if I sanded enough.

Test fit. After 1 hr of sanding, I've only finished one side of the anti-gravity unit...

That's all tonight folks, good night!

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