Monday, October 19, 2009

Neuspotter Started!

While I study the weathering using oils and color modulation from the DVD maxwinamp passed me (thanks so much bro!), I decided to quickly carry on with the Neuspotter which I took out sometime back but got stuck. Started before I got really sick on Sunday...

This kit has the most wires and multimedia I've ever seen!
Even a light bulb is included, though no battery was found (there was one kit with a battery given inside, but I've sold that away.)
Its an old kit, 20+ years old, so the molding is nothing great to write about.
Lots of TLC is needed on each part, but I enjoyed the building process.
Pictures below...
Head unit

Upper body

Lower body

Place them all together now...

I am thinking of the standard tea/green color for this guy, and will try out color modulation on it. Hope to finish it by December for the small diorama meet-up at m-workshop.

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