Thursday, October 1, 2009

Polar Bear WIP 11 : Tiny details

Quite tired tonight after a day of work, what I did was I puttied a few more areas which I found rough, and I added spring coils to the hardboiled Polar Bear. These two spring coils are from the SF3D AFS kit (the old old kit with multimedia). They are 2mm in diameter and about 30mm long. I drilled tiny holes and then super-glued solder wire (inside the springs) to one end of the leg, when dried, I glued the other side to the backpack. Pretty painless I must say. Once it is all dried I can bend the 'power cables' to the desired shape.
For the missile warhead, I drilled a hole and then placed a tiny pin (from my wife's jewelry toolbox) in the center. That's all for tonight... Time for bed I think :)

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