Monday, October 12, 2009

Polar Bear Trio and Daddy Falke pictures @PLAMO meet

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was really rushing to finish the models for Sunday's meetup. I fell asleep on Friday telling my kid a bedtime story, and on Saturday I did a little more white and blue bands.

I had a company outing Saturday evening and after it, I wass feeling unwell. Slept until 2 am Sunday morning, and then restarted work on the decals and weathering. Who would expect decal placement to take 2.5hours? After that I rushed to paint the faces (and failed cos first time using Vellejo paint). Enamel panel washing completed. Base did not have time to do.

Anyway here are the photos taken by viper1972 of Thanks man for the fantastic photos and tips on photo taking!

(Note to self: I will still need to work on these, as they are only about 85% complete)


Soon Tuck said...

Seeing your Falke live makes me want to work on mine right away!

cyberwill75 said...

Thanks!!! Hope to see yours soon!
Will be an awesome one :)

Kanga said...

I really like the paint work on your Falke. It pulled together really well.

cyberwill75 said...

Thanks Kanga!!!
More weathering to come on the Falke....