Saturday, January 31, 2009

Camel Review (Fire-orange)

Hi there! I am back with the review of the Camel resin. This is easily the most expensive 1/20 Ma.K kit I've ever seen in YAJ so far. And I am glad to see it personally. However I don't have much information about it, so please do contribute further information about this kit if you have. The Camel is featured in the Ma.K encyclopedia and Ma.K BD, a mercenary space unit that operates on the Lunar surface. Its large, when standing beside the lunar pawn. However in Ma.K BD, its downed by a missile/rocket fired by the space version of the PKA. From the auction, its made by Fire-orange. Strangely, this package has no instructions. Anyway, enjoy the review, and for the buyer of the kit, enjoy building it! :)

Scale: 1/20
Type of material : light yellow resin
Number of parts: many
Decals: yes
Instructions: yes
Overall quality: Good, little flash
Overall accuracy: unknown
Date of release: unknown
Release price: unknown
Current Running price in YAJ: 55000 yen and above

non descrip box

packed with lots of packing material to protect the resin

parts in different plastic bags

body in 2 halves

pilot figure

clear canopy

cockpit, thrusters and misc parts

leg parts

decal and metal screws (behind the decal)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What came in today : Brickworks heads!

1/20 Independent Mercenary Army head sets(male & female) from brickworks came in as part of the HLJ MO (Mass Order) I organised last year... One old wrinkly male and a cute female resin with a visor. Plus a white metal cap (on the right)
Yay! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shipment 10 is finally in...

I am happy to announce that after 2 months of shipment drought, shipment 10 is finally in... The economic crisis has hit this hobby hard, and fewer buyers/requests as well as a very bad Yen to USD rate.... I used to get 1usd : 105yen in April 2008. Now its a ridiculous 1usd : 85yen. Now although the prices of Ma.K are dropping across the board at YAJ, the exchange rate made it such that the final prices only dropped a tiny bit...

Well enough ranting, here are the contents:
Oskar, Krotes, Kauzs, Nausicaa kits...

cybastor resin (snake eye are you looking at this? ^^), Hobby Japan and B-Club magazines...
Huge nausicaa kit on the side, Grosserhund, Raptor, resin space ship, an occassional Camel (most expensive Ma.K I've won so far)
Most of this shipment are requests and are already taken up. I dare not bring in additional stuff nowadays...

WAVE Gans reissues IN!

Sorry haven't updated in a while, was very busy at work and at home... Received the WAVE Gans reissues early January. The box was 'lost' in the post office, being stuck under a table, otherwise I would have gotten it in 2008.

Bought 2 this time, and the box art looks great! Well packed and protected... I am very happy! :)
Contents: Basically the same as the Gans produced by WAVE the first time, with notable differences in the color of the instruction sheet, the decals and camo card. (see the Polar Bear checking it out... -_-''')
Camo card, The first one is a reindeer themed camo with the eyes painted red! Looks very nice I must say, dunno how it would look with winter camoflage slapped on. The second one is with a cat, not sure the meaning, but I think I've seen it before on some other Ma.K kit. The last one is my favourite, the King Frog, which I presume its commanded by the Konigs Krote?
The decals, which is slightly different. Gone are the orange pumpkin head which I really like... Fortunately, the green heart is still there. Check out
At Yahoo Auctions Japan, this reissue is abundant and caused the older Gans to disappear for a while. The price of the older Gans has also dropped to 6000-8000yen. Well, for those of us who want the old decals and camo cards, its a good time to buy...

All in all, no surprises in this kit, the sprues being the same. Take this as a mini review of the WAVE Gans 2nd release.
Check out my review of the first issue of the WAVE Gans here: