Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tiny update to explain my disappearance

I was not in the Ma.K scene for nearly a year now, being buried in lots of work and getting a little depressed about it.
I also did not have any energy to set up the temporary spray setup in my balcony to do any sort of painting.
All I could do was just build and sand, resulting in many of my work stuck in the primed stage.
Having nothing completed was even worse.

Finally I was pretty tied up with family matters, planning a new baby with my wife.
Welcome Elias Chin. Born in November 2011.
He will be a great Raptor pilot, and hopefully a Christian pastor in real life.

Ironically after he was born, I had time and space to do Ma.k!
As I took on the night shift to bottle feed him when he wakes up.

Must hurry now, I don't want you all to think I am only good at making babies!

Falke no 2 part 2

Preshade with black gunze lacquer and the engine is full black.

Mask the engine before I carry on

masked the mini gun.

sprayed the three anti gravity pods with tamiya medium blue acrylic but it seems to scratch off easily. Well the scratched effect looks good as it is the part that contacts with the ground when landing.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Engine restarted!

It's been a while since I posted any wip but I've been building and sanding kits til the primed stage. No airbrushing until very recently, as I've gotten myself the diy spray booth based on the thread in the plamo forum.
I restarted my engine for the Plamo december meet.
Here is my second Falke, a prebuilt one by another member who sold it to me. it was pretty well built, all that was left were some seam lines to clear.

I did add a bit of details to the thruster to hide some seams which were hard to remove cos it was already glued together. You can see them as a different color as the kit

I also fixed some part which I broke accidentally.

I have mixed feelings about this kit, as I am not a Falke fan, and bought 3 of them at the initial selling price, to scratch build the Griffon, and now the Griffon is released as a kit and this kit is heavily discounted on the online sites. Well that's life sometimes.

Here is the primed kit in my study where I set up my airbrush booth.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back and Message to Y'all

Hey guys I am back from being absent a long time.
Thanks for the comments and email sending your regards to me!

I was very busy just doing models (mostly building and sanding) but time is restricted due to work and family life. Not to mention recently the weather here in Singapore is strange and many people fell sick due to cold. I myself came down twice with ear infections in the span of 3 weeks. I will continue with updating the blog with more WIP and reviews soon!

What I am working on now: Melusine, Fliege (3Q), Kauz (3Q) and a T.H.A.T Neuspotter.

Recent events in Japan made our family very sad indeed and our prayers go out to the people.
My tears fall when I see the destruction due to the Tsunami and the continuing threat of nuclear meltdown of the reactors.

I urge you guys to buy stuff from Japan, or just donate to the Red Cross, to help.

Stay strong people of Japan!