Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back and Message to Y'all

Hey guys I am back from being absent a long time.
Thanks for the comments and email sending your regards to me!

I was very busy just doing models (mostly building and sanding) but time is restricted due to work and family life. Not to mention recently the weather here in Singapore is strange and many people fell sick due to cold. I myself came down twice with ear infections in the span of 3 weeks. I will continue with updating the blog with more WIP and reviews soon!

What I am working on now: Melusine, Fliege (3Q), Kauz (3Q) and a T.H.A.T Neuspotter.

Recent events in Japan made our family very sad indeed and our prayers go out to the people.
My tears fall when I see the destruction due to the Tsunami and the continuing threat of nuclear meltdown of the reactors.

I urge you guys to buy stuff from Japan, or just donate to the Red Cross, to help.

Stay strong people of Japan!

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