Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby Ma.K - Oskar WIP 4

Hope it made you laugh!
I was stuck quite a bit doing the rest of the Neuspotter body using plaplate (layers of it)
and also adding the bondite epoxy putty to the skirt. This is how it looks like today.

I apologise I did not manage to finish this before the PLAMO and the m workshop groupbuild deadline.
I can only work late nights for so many nights...

Comments and criticisms please, like how's the proportion, shape... thx!


Juliuslim said...

Hey !! awesome built ! any further update of this buit ??
also pls pls pls keep on bloggig about ma.k kits update! :D

cyberwill75 said...

Thanks bro! Just saw your Gans in the Ma.K forum.... It rocks!!!