Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back to the Falk3

Going back to my Falke no 3 ...the one in gray primed state...

I preshaded it with black and will be doing the orange yellow scheme with the clockworks decal.

It's the one with the melting clock in Dali's painting 'the persistence memory'
I might just paint a melting clock on it too.
Sprayed violet Gray on the anti gravity pods and this time I will attach the two of them last to save myself from masking hell.

Masked the pod that is made into the bottom of the body an sprayed light grey ...

I want to finish this kit fast.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nutrocker - weathering begins!

Was a bit sick last few days so not much done. Back on the project, I used vallejo red to fill in the number 9 on the decals. Painted on nice and I should have used the yellow to paint the stripes instead of the lacquer. Lesson learnt.

Now the weathering, I will use what I learnt from Applied Modelling - armor and Advanced Painting Techniques to weather this tank.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Decal time!!!

Now comes my favorite part, decals!
Small container of water, mr mark setter and mr mark softener ready.
Before that I sprayed two thin layers of clear coat gloss to make the surface smooth and shiny so that when the decals go up they will not sliver. Tonights a bit cool so I dried the gloss immediately after spraying with a hairdryer to prevent frosting.
2.5 hrs later I am done! I chose the number 9 from the neuspotter decal set as it matches the one from the book and also more proportionate to the size of the Nutrocker. Time for Elias next feed, ciao!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nutrocker circles and band painted, disaster and recovery

Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates, I took a short break for sleep ...
I finally took off all the masking sol and started hand painting the rings. My hand trembled due to lack of sleep.
Added complication was that the wire parts kept falling off due to my clumsiness.
I finished up the rings and touched up the errors here and there.
Finally I proceeded with the yellow band. I masked off the body and handpainted the yellow band , taking care if where the shadows.
However after removing the tape I realized the yellow had seeped under it and invaded the other colors! What a disaster! I nearly gave up.
Tonight, I took a tiny brush and slowly touched up the flaws in each picture.
Think I am ready to gloss and decal...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pink highlights and slow reveal

After completing my housework, I airbrushed another layer of pure monkey rose. Finally I did the lightest layer using mixture of monkey rose, yellow and a tiny bit of white. This is sprayed on the top facing surfaces.

With much fear I took off the masking tape. There were places where the tape did not cover or stick well to each other, resulting in over spray and blurred borders. I should have used te masking sol to cover all the tape, as well as using fresh tape.
It's ok I will remember this lesson.
Taking off the masking sol proved to be a challenge and it took scratching with my nails, tape and blu tack to get some of them off. The circles are too thick.
However I like the color which is modulated.

Will complete the taking off of masking sol and hopefully finish painting tomorrow

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pink and shading with complementary colors

I started work on the Nutrocker again at about 12 am, using Ma.k color monkey rose as the pink/red forth scheme. 

First pass is with the mixture of monkey rose mixed with olive green, the same gray I used at the beginning and a bit of black as the shadow color.
I am studying shading with complementary colors and used the green to cut down on the chroma of the monkey rose instead of just adding pure black or brown.

I also used my fingernail to press down the edges of the masking tape before spraying as some of them are starting to lift. This is cos I am reusing the masking tape. El cheapo...

After that I let it rest for a while tp dry and then proceeded with a pass of pure monkey rose color. I took care not to cover too much in one go, using multiple coats to layer on the color ...

I am getting sleepy and so took a break at 2:45am and Elias woke just in time for his milk. Fed him a bottle and typed up this post.

Time to sleep.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


After the highlights are done it's time to paint the pink.
Instead of using the gaianotes monkey rose which meant that I have to do complicated masking, I decided to use vallejo line of acrylics to hand paint. Now I've bought these for ma.k figure painting, never thought will be using it on a tank.
I've placed an iPhone cover (argh my wife's broken Kate spate) to show how tiny this kit is.
Hope this pink will be successful!