Monday, March 5, 2012

Pink and shading with complementary colors

I started work on the Nutrocker again at about 12 am, using Ma.k color monkey rose as the pink/red forth scheme. 

First pass is with the mixture of monkey rose mixed with olive green, the same gray I used at the beginning and a bit of black as the shadow color.
I am studying shading with complementary colors and used the green to cut down on the chroma of the monkey rose instead of just adding pure black or brown.

I also used my fingernail to press down the edges of the masking tape before spraying as some of them are starting to lift. This is cos I am reusing the masking tape. El cheapo...

After that I let it rest for a while tp dry and then proceeded with a pass of pure monkey rose color. I took care not to cover too much in one go, using multiple coats to layer on the color ...

I am getting sleepy and so took a break at 2:45am and Elias woke just in time for his milk. Fed him a bottle and typed up this post.

Time to sleep.

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