Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pink highlights and slow reveal

After completing my housework, I airbrushed another layer of pure monkey rose. Finally I did the lightest layer using mixture of monkey rose, yellow and a tiny bit of white. This is sprayed on the top facing surfaces.

With much fear I took off the masking tape. There were places where the tape did not cover or stick well to each other, resulting in over spray and blurred borders. I should have used te masking sol to cover all the tape, as well as using fresh tape.
It's ok I will remember this lesson.
Taking off the masking sol proved to be a challenge and it took scratching with my nails, tape and blu tack to get some of them off. The circles are too thick.
However I like the color which is modulated.

Will complete the taking off of masking sol and hopefully finish painting tomorrow

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