Thursday, October 29, 2009

Neuspotter WIP 3

Sorry for the lack of updates again, been overtiming at work (is there such a word?) and of course, tons of housework before I can even do my models. Anyways after a couple more hours on the AG pods, they are almost done and I've added the main spine to the kit. Primed to check for problem areas and sure enough, there are many spots to clean up.
The wires for the sensor light bulb caused me to be stuck for a while as Sensei Kow's build (and picture) shows the wires going thru the smaller pipe instead of the main pipe, BUT in the kit instructions, they go down thru the main pipe and thru the back, the smaller 'pipe' is a solid piece of rod. Let me think about how to proceed...

Sleepy man...

Shipment 17

Hi guys shipment 17 is finally in... sorry for the huge delay, was waiting for all the stuff to be accounted for before shipping it back from Japan.
Expect a PM from me very soon in 1-2 days time for your stuff!

Ashley does quick work on the newspaper packing...
Acting cute again...

Unnatural smile...She can't really pose for the camera...
Krachenvogel, Jerry, Cobra figure, 1/35 Falke and 1/20 Scout Flier.
Mostly requests, and taken up except the Jerry.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The 'me' post

Finally this is me, William Chin Wei Lian, my beautiful wife Polly Chin (whom I finally won over after repeated failed attempts for 8 years), and our cutest kid Ashley Chin. Photo taken tonight of my refrigerator. Now you guys know how I look like! :) Handsome? lol

Friday, October 23, 2009

Book Review : Ma.K Profile Book #2 : Snake Eye

I just got it! Pardon the lousy pictures, its midnight and the best I can do right now. Soft cover, 64 pages, written in Japanese (good to get a Japanese fren or go learn Japanese!)

Contents (page number)
Ma.K BD 1
Contents 5
Ma.K in Action Act.02 6
Modeling File 14
How to build Ma.K 16
Camouflage & Markings 26
Flashback Model Graphix 1999-2008 30
Kow's lotta models 38
Kow's artworks 58
TAMACAN's atelier visit 63
Original decal 64

Cover Sleeve & Ma.K BD

Ma.K in Action Act.02

Modeling File & How to build Ma.K (Here Sensei explains how to model the split suit!)

Camouflage & Markings, Flashback
Evolution of Snake Eye and Female Model

Kow's lotta models, also featuring Spitfire

Figure Set A featuring Lin.K and Neechmonkey (Lincoln and Travis)

Artwork & Decal
Back Cover

Should you get it? If you are a Snake Eye lover, or just bought the WAVE Snake Eye, just go buy it! I know I want, especially with one of the decals being a cool quote from the Bible!
It will grow on you even if you are not a Snake Eye fan.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Neuspotter WIP 2

Tiny bit of progress today...
Mostly sanding and fixing problematic parts, like the two thruster bells...
After 1hr of sanding the two halves of the thrusters (khaki ones on the left), I decided to use the new WAVE Snake Eye's (off white ones on the right). Incidentally, the thrusters are the same ones for the Fireball, strange, considering the Neuspotter is a Strahl unit. But don't think too much for Ma.K!

Cut off the attachments and stick them to the Snake Eye's, I feel so proud of myself :)

Next, the most difficult part IMHO, the anti-gravity units.
All of us Ma.K fanatics know that they are actually made up of 2 Star Wars AT-AT necks (ERTL/AMT kit)
Sanding nightmare!

I used a combination of needle file, pin vise, back of my modeling knife, and some 600 sand paper to get rid of the major seamline running full length along the part. A tiny bit of putty for where there are holes.
The brush is for clearing the dust so that I can see if I sanded enough.

Test fit. After 1 hr of sanding, I've only finished one side of the anti-gravity unit...

That's all tonight folks, good night!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Neuspotter Started!

While I study the weathering using oils and color modulation from the DVD maxwinamp passed me (thanks so much bro!), I decided to quickly carry on with the Neuspotter which I took out sometime back but got stuck. Started before I got really sick on Sunday...

This kit has the most wires and multimedia I've ever seen!
Even a light bulb is included, though no battery was found (there was one kit with a battery given inside, but I've sold that away.)
Its an old kit, 20+ years old, so the molding is nothing great to write about.
Lots of TLC is needed on each part, but I enjoyed the building process.
Pictures below...
Head unit

Upper body

Lower body

Place them all together now...

I am thinking of the standard tea/green color for this guy, and will try out color modulation on it. Hope to finish it by December for the small diorama meet-up at m-workshop.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Polar Bear Trio update

They are not completed yet...
What's left:
1)wires for the arms and feet
2)paint touch up here and there
3)filtering for the blue bands, I think the blue is too bright to my liking
4)more weathering
5)the heads, gotta bleach them and redo using Vallejo again, I suck at figure painting but I am going to try try again until I get them right!
6)the snowboard, still thinking whether to make it or not...

Tomorrow I will be on leave to take care of my kid again, hopefully can put complete some of these tasks.

Baby Falke pictures by viper1972

Hey guys, thanks to viper1972, here are better pictures of my Baby Falke and KK!
They are taken during the Oct 11 PLAMO meet! Enjoy!

Hey guys, thanks to viper1972, here are better pictures of my Baby Falke and KK!
They are taken during the Oct 11 PLAMO meet! Enjoy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Polar Bear Trio and Daddy Falke pictures @PLAMO meet

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was really rushing to finish the models for Sunday's meetup. I fell asleep on Friday telling my kid a bedtime story, and on Saturday I did a little more white and blue bands.

I had a company outing Saturday evening and after it, I wass feeling unwell. Slept until 2 am Sunday morning, and then restarted work on the decals and weathering. Who would expect decal placement to take 2.5hours? After that I rushed to paint the faces (and failed cos first time using Vellejo paint). Enamel panel washing completed. Base did not have time to do.

Anyway here are the photos taken by viper1972 of Thanks man for the fantastic photos and tips on photo taking!

(Note to self: I will still need to work on these, as they are only about 85% complete)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

PLAMO UTA meeting

Sorry for the lack of updates... Was tired and sleepy rushing to finish the kits.
I fell asleep Friday night telling my kid bedtime story...
Saturday I did a little bit more, was unwell, and resumed work Sunday morning 2am.
Worked until 8:30am before I had to go to church.

Halfway completed dio and the nearly nearly finished Falke on the PLAMO UTA Gathering here:

More pictures will be uploaded so check back often...

Sooo sleepy now...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Daddy Falke WIP 5 - I feel better now

2 hours later, I feel slightly better... Using an older and softer brush, I layered more white + antiflash white until it looks like the above... Its not going to look like the Baby Falke, nor like anyone elses, as I can't copy the brush strokes.... Now some of you probably wouldn't like this style of painting, but I think I'll just call it artistic lah... lol. I kept telling myself 'trust the process, trust the process' and just wanna enjoy the hobby... :)
I will do the decals, and blue bands together with the Polar Bears tonight... I think I just might make the deadline!

Daddy Falke WIP 5 - Time to panic

Preshaded the bottom of the plane with black and then sprayed Tamiya light gray... its been sometime since I used the airbrush and boy am I rusty, some overspray and some accidents.

Next I took out an expensive new brush I bought and started handbrushing white + antiflash white, all the while looking at the Ma.K Profile book and my baby falke...

Time to panic! I am not familiar with this new brush, and since I did not color the Falke green like Sensei Kow, it looks brownish now...