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Ma.K B.D Book Review

Ma.K B.D - Maschinen Krieger In Action
both editions (2nd edition on top of 1st)

Hi all, here's my review of the Ma.K B.D. There are 2 editions, and I've gotten myself both. Its a book of very short stories told by painted illustrations. In this review, I hope to provide the differences so that you guys can have a better idea which one to buy. The 1st edition does not have as many chapters as the 2ns edition, but it has some japanese text section at the end. Also, the stories are separated by color plates of the suits used. The 1st edition's color plates have the story information (similar to those found on model kit boxes) but the text is in German, while the 2nd edition's color plates only have the suit's performance information. Also, the 2nd edition have 'newer' stuff such as the Oskar. Another difference is that the 1st edition's 'Acts' have a tiny bit of english to describe the story (underneath the Act's title) the while the 2nd edition forgoes that. The layout of the pictures are also different in both books.

Below is a listing of the contents and their differences.
I personally prefer the 2nd edition due to it having slightly more stuff, but the bit of English in the first edition really helps me to understand the stories more.
Ma.K fanatics don't think, so much get them both!
Hope this helps guys! More book reviews coming up shortly!

Ma.K BD 1st Edition (96 pages) vs Ma.K BD 2nd Edition(108 pages)
Contents (color plate Land Gans 2nd Edition)
Foreword (color pate Lunar Gans 2nd Edition)
color plate Snake-eye
color plate Gucker (1st Edition)
Color Plate of Snake-eye (1st edition in front)
Chapter 1
Act. 1 Sleepless Stranger (Eddy Amsel, Dora, Snake-eye Falke, Banana boat)
Act. 2 Chicken Trap (Falke, Dora, Krote, Kangaroo, Eddy Amsel)
color plate Hornisse (1st Edition)
Chapter 2
color plate Dora (2nd Edition)
Act. 3 Nut Rocker (Conrad Amsel iin AFS Mk I, Neuspotter, Nutrocker)
Act. 4 le roi est mart, Vive le roi! (Raccoon, Kangaroo, Dollhouse)
color plate Fireball SG (both Editions)
Chapter 3
Act. 5 Eve of Falling Stars (Banana boat, Fireball SG, Nuteater)
Act. 6 Die Walkure (SAFS, Walrus, F-boot, unknown Strahl boat with Neuspotter head, Gladiator)
Act. 7 The prmoised Land (SAFS, Walrus, Neuspotter, Neuspinne, Gladiator, Nutrocker)
Act. 8 In the Jungle 1 (plane, unknown Strahl boat, Melusine, SAFS, Shechel)
Act. 9 In the Jungle 2 (plane, unknown Strahl boat, Melusine, SAFS, Shechel, Heinrich)
color plate Melusine (1st Edition)
color plate Raptor (2nd Edition)
Chapter 4
Act. 10 Time to Burn ((Nutrocker, Kangaroo, Gucker, Sturm Jager, Raptor, SAFS MkIII A8/R8, some unknown vehicle)
Act. 11 A Blessing of the Land (add in Krote, Super Jerry to the mix)
color plate Raptor (1st Edition)
color plate Oskar(2nd Edition)
Chapter 5
Act. 12 Winte Mute (Polar Bear, SAFS prototype, Gucker, Jerry variant, Goblin)
Act. 13 Snow Monster (SAFS, Gladiator, Krote, Nutrocker, Gucker)
Act. 14 Big Game in the Snow (Add in Oskar, Dollhouse to the mix)
color plate Kuster (1st Edition)
Chapter 6
color plate kauz (2nd Edition)
Act. 15 Another Snow (Bananaboat, SAFS, Stingray, Nuteater, unknown Strahl vehicle)
Act. 16 Plenty of My Little Friends (Add in Kauv, Fliege, Fireball SG)
Act. 17 Nothing's gonna change (only in 2nd Edition)
Act. 17 Paint It Black (Act 18 in Edition 2) (Salvage Frigate, Fireball SG)
Act. 18 The Ghost Dog (Act 19 in 2nd Edition) (Lunar Gans, Fireball SG, Snake-eye, Seapig, Kauz, Fliege, Konigs Krote, unknown Neuspotter-head unit )
Act. 19 The Stars and Stripes Forever (Act 20 in 2nd Edition) (Camel, PKAW, Lunar Pawn)
Act. 20 Those with Wings Shall Fly (Act 21 in 2nd Edition) (Add in Zerstrover, aircraft for PKAW)
color plate Lunar Gans (1st Edition)
color plate Prowler (2nd Edition)
Chapter 7
Act. 21 Frontline (Act 22 in Edition 2) (Jerry-can man, Raptor, Falke, Krote, Neuspotter, Gladiator, Konigs Krote)
Act. 22 The Birth of Pluto (Act 23 in 2nd Edition) (One of Pluto, Snake-eye)
Act. 24 NO SUN (2nd Edition) (Falke, Sirene, Grosserhund, Krachenvogel, Rappoon, MkIII A8/R8

(in Edition 1)
Text 1 ? in japanese can't read
Text 2 What is Ma.K

Act 1 featuring my favourite kid, Eddy Amsel!

Chapter 2 (color plates are different)

Conrad Amsel vs the Nutrocker (note the difference in layout)

Another example of different color plates

1st edition having additional japanese text section while 2nd edition having more chapters

Rappoon and Grosserhund in 2nd edition on the back

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