Saturday, August 16, 2008

My 1/35 Ma.K collection

Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been extremely busy at my day job... working even on weekends... Today i've decided to showcase my small collection of 1/35 Ma.K gasaphons...

I have only a small collection of 1/35 Ma.K. Originally I brought in some via YAJ. Recently there was a huge sale of Ma.K at HLJ and I split a box of 24 Fireball SG and 24 Prowlers among a few of us Singapore modellers from PLAMO.

Here's my humble little collection (excluding 10 Prowlers which are still in their boxes)

Fireball SG (without stands) I like this color scheme! :)
Screaming Skull scheme Fireball SG and Prowlers off on a patrol led by a two tone Fireball SG.
Fireball SGs with opened cockpits and pilots
The set of SAFS and Gradiator set 1 I bought at YAJ.

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ed said...

hey, im frm SG too, u have spares tt u wanna sell? =D
email me
if u have yea. thanks lots!