Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PKA W Kauz

This time I've the opportunity to review the Kauz, both the old SF3D boxing and the new Ma.K box. I don't really like the majority of the Strahl suits, but Kauz and Melusine are the exception. Been holding onto the new box for some time now, while looking out for the Melusine conversion, which is hard to find and expensive (last I saw was 9500yen). Without further ado, on with the pictorial review. I will focus a little bit on the difference between the two also.

The Kauz uses Fliege sprues with an additional Kauz sprue E, and indeed the Kauz is an upgraded version of the Fliege that uses indirect vision which is the main disadvantage of the Fliege.

Scale: 1/20
Type of material : injection molded, multi-media, gray colored plastic
Number of parts: 100+ in 5 sprues
Decals: yes
Instructions: yes
Overall quality: Very good, virtually no flash
Overall accuracy: Accurate
Date of release: 1985
Release price: 1000yen
Current Running price in YAJ: 4500yen - 6500yen


old and new boxes compared (old is in front)
box opened
Fliege Sprue A and B
Fliege Sprue C and D
Kauz Sprue E, Figure sprue and multimedia. The figure sprue is tan in old box and white in new box.

Sprues from the new Ma.K boxing containing 2 extra parts.
(the white parts in the left)
old box front
old box back
new box front
new box back

old camo card front
old camo card back

new camo card front
new camo card back

old decals
New decals
Instruction comparison showing the extra part in top right hand corner. (new one is on top)
Thoughts & Comments
An interesting kit with lots of potential. The casting quality is the same in both boxing. I quite like and personally prefer the decals in the new box.

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